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Dec 20, 2013

Mark Twain's Closed at Colorado Belle

Love it or hate it, it appears that Mark Twain's (Chicken and Ribs) at the Colorado Belle has closed. Honestly, we always meant to get up there and try it but never did.  It was rumored this would close when the new Loading Dock Bar and Grille opened.  From a mailer, we received it appears the Loading Dock will be opening February, 15th.  One day after Valentine's Day.  One would think they would want to be open for that "holiday" but no.

With the closure of Mark Twains, this leaves only the Captain's Buffet on the upper deck of the Colorado Belle.  In succession in the past two years, Tortillas, Mangia, and the Gallery Cafe all closed.  Even the gift shop moved to the Casino floor.  It is like a gaudy ghost town when you come off the escalator.  It is a shame as the spaces overlooking the river are very nice.  Especially where Mangia was.  It seems the management at the Belle has decided to move and focus on everything being on the Casino Floor and Riverwalk. 

Stairs leading to where the new Loading Dock will be are currently blocked off. 

Until the Loading Dock opens the only other place to eat besides the Buffet (which we have a hard time recommending) is Pint's Microbrewery and Restaurant (open 24 hours).  And the small snack bar by the sportsbook.  

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