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May 31, 2014

Rock N Ribs 2014 Music

Rock N Ribs is one of the food and music festivals the Colorado Belle and Edgewater Casinos put on throughout the year.  This year's 6th annual Rock N Ribs was held on May 23-25th.  

We only got down there for a short visit one night but enjoyed the music we heard.  Lil' Elmo and the Cosmos and the Joe Blanchard Trio were alternating sets over the 3 day festivalThe bands performed on the stage by the Loading Dock Bar and Grille near the Colorado Belle.  Unfortunately, we did not get any pictures or video.  But luckily two people who did attend sent us some!    

Below are some pictures and some mostly unedited video we received. Most of the video is of Lil Elmo and the Cosmos but includes two song clips from the Joe Blanchard Trio at the end.  Sound quality might be a bit low gusts of winds blew in off the river from time to time and the venue seemed to provide only small speakers. Overall the volume was not very loud even live. 

(click on images for larger view)

Video is at the end of the post. 

Lil' Elmo & the Cosmos at the Colorado Belle in Laughlin

More Cowbell!


Video clips we received of some of the music:

The music was good, everyone in attendance seemed to be having a good time listening (and some dancing) to them.   

As for the rest of the Rock N Ribs Festival, stay tuned, we will be sharing our thoughts and a review in another article soon. 

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