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Aug 22, 2015

Papas Pizza gets 20 demerits in Health Inspection

Laughlin, Nevada

Papa's Pizza 

Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD)- Inspection Result
Inspection date:   8-12-2015

Papa's Pizza is located in the St. Marks strip plaza of shops directly across from the Pioneer Casino on Casino Drive in Laughlin.  

The Southern Nevada Health District Restaurant Inspection report posted for Papa's Pizza shows the restaurant received  a B grade with 20 demerits including such violations as keeping foods at proper temperatures, handwashing, keeping food protected from potential contamination, pest control, proper washing of kitchenware, and facility maintenance. See the list below.   

This information was taken from what is posted on the SNHD website (as of 8-21-15).  Note, they may have already had a re-inspection as there is a lag time between when they occur and when they are posted.   Every establishment is required to post their current SNHD certificate showing the grade they are operating under.  

The list of violations:

Previous inspections show a continued pattern of B and A inspections dating back to 2011.
It seems like each year they are inspected they get a lower grade with multiple demerits, followed by a re-inspection grade of an A (after corrections are made).

While we have never tried Papa's Pizza we would not recommend it at this time based on the erratic inspection results.   

In other recent inspections that took place on August 12, 2015,  Mama's Pizzeria, The Hideout, the Loading Dock Buffet, and the Loading Dock Bar all received A grades.

About the inspection process: 
An "A" grade is the top grade an establishment can receive.  Generally if any grade less than an 
A is received the restaurant can and does have a re-inspection shortly thereafter after correcting 
any violations.  Keep in mind there is a lag time between when the inspections are performed and 
when they appear on the Southern Nevada Health District Website.  A restaurant may have been 
inspected or re-inspected (in the case of a low grade) since the data was posted.  
When a re-inspection is done the list of violations/demerits from the prior low grade is no longer viewable.
All restaurants are required to have their latest grade certificate displayed for the public to see.  
If you don't see one, ask.

Note:  We do update this article when new/re-inspections are posted.

You can visit the  SNHD  website to look up restaurants in Laughlin or anywhere in Southern Nevada. 
There is a search feature.  For Laughlin use Zipcode 89029.   

*All content in this blog post are presented for informational purposes only and uses 
data taken from the Southern Nevada Health District website.   
We received no compensation from the properties or restaurants in this blog 
post and are not in any way affiliated with them.  

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