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Sep 16, 2016

Laughlin Visitation Numbers up for July 2016

Laughlin Visitor Numbers up for July 2016
Laughlin, Nevada

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reported that visitor volume to Laughlin for July 2016 was up 3.1%

July of 2015 had 188,537 visitors versus July of 2016  which had  194,461  visitors

For the year to date, Laughlin Visitation is up 2.1%
Occupancy rates were up  3.7% higher than the same period in 2015.  The average daily room rate was up 12.3%.

Meanwhile Gaming revenue for July in Laughlin was down slightly -1.6%

For 2016 thus far, by month, the number of visitors were:

July         2016     188,537     2.1%        compared to July of 2015
June        2016     165,670     6.0%        compared to June of 2015
May        2016     162,466    -0.2%        compared to May of 2015
April       2016:    171,516    +5.9%       compared to April of 2015
March     2016:    176,338    +1.3%       compared to March of 2015
February 2016:    157,426     +3.4%      compared to February of 2015
January   2016:    139,869     -5.5%       compared to January of 2015

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