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Apr 7, 2017

King of Clubs Players Club at the Riverside - Finally

Laughlin, Nevada

Several months ago the Riverside Resort updated and changed their King of Clubs Players Club.  
After several trips or walks through the Riverside we had just about given up on every picking up one of the new cards.  The lines were always too long and too slow at the Players Club windows.   

Long waits have seemed to be the norm at the Riverside Resort Players Club Desk - at least for us!

This has always been one of our pet peeves -- how Casinos will keep people waiting who are all set to give them money (gamble)!.    These are your customers and how you make money.  Hustle them through the lines, even if it means expanding, adding employees or perhaps even training your existing employees to do a more efficient job.  

Regardless, one morning I was shocked to see only 1 person in line.  So, I jumped in line and finally got my brand new players card.  Bronze level (the lowest) since we seldom have visited the Riverside for gaming in over a year. 

There are some changes, as outlined in the pictures below.

Locals also get some extra perks and discounts.  Locals can also pick up the free coupons. 

Time remains to tell whether we will actually visit the Riverside more now that we have a card.  So many Casinos, so little time!  But it is wonderful to have a choice, especially without resort fees, parking fees or big brother watching for comped drinks, a.k.a the Vegas Strip.

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*Details of the Players Club is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the property.  All info was current and accurate as of this posting. 

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