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Jul 9, 2017

Big Easy Deli at the Colorado Belle

Laughlin, Nevada

Made a first visit to the Big Easy Deli in the Colorado Belle.  We had always passed it by in favor of Pint's in the past.   This time the line at Pint's was way too long and moving too slow so as we were walking by we figured we would give it a try. 

In spite of a few people ahead of us the line moved fast.  Service was very good and friendly. We just split a sandwich and tried the Shrimp Cocktail (had heard they were good).  

The meats and bread on the Muffaleta sandwich were very good and fresh ($9.99 for a very big sandwich).   The peperoncini olive tapenade on was good but had definite spicy bite to it.   Maybe a bit much heat. It would of been fine if they were serving Pint's Microbrews there!   Hint, to the Colorado Belle. 

The Shrimp Cocktail reminded us of the ones from the old days of 99 cent Shrimp Cocktails in Vegas.  These were fresh and a big portion of good sized shrimp and served with a good cocktail sauce.  For $5.99 it was an good value.  

Desserts shown below were in the display case by the counter.  We didn't order one, just sharing the picture. 

Big Easy Deli Menu 

The Big Easy Deli is located in the Colorado Belle Hotel/Casino just off the Casino floor by the small Sportsbook.   Ordering is done at the counter and there is seating for guests, or you can get orders to go. 

*Hours currently listed on their website are:
Sunday-Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday and Saturday  10am-Midnight 

Although we don't visit the Colorado Belle often, the Big Easy Deli is a good place we will most likely be back to.  The menu has several other items we would love to try. 

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