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Jul 13, 2017

Bighorn Café at Laughlin River Lodge

Laughlin, Nevada

The Bighorn Café recently opened at the Laughlin River Lodge.  We stopped in for a quick breakfast one morning. 

The Big Horn Café Entrance

The Bighorn Café is in the place where the Lodge Steakhouse was previously located. 

The interior is very nice and has not changed since the Lodge Restaurant closed.   

The nice little bar in the popular lounge area was still stocked. We do not know if they are using it.  We didn't see any mention of alcohol on the menu, but that doesn't mean they aren't serving it. 

It would be nice if they continued the kind of Happy Hour they used to have there at the Lodge Steakhouse. 

The Bighorn Café menu has a bit of everything.   Here are some shots of the menu although we may have missed the last page or two.  

The Bighorn Café Breakfast Menu:

The Bighorn Café Menu,Starters, Soups and Salads:

The Bighorn Café Burger and Sandwiches Menu:

The Bighorn Café Dinner Entrees:

We had the and the West Coast Omelette ($10) and the Steak and Eggs ($12). 

The West Coast Omelette was good, the avocado and cherry tomatoes were fresh.  I personally would of preferred less cheese and it be inside the omelette.   Inside there was only a hint of the double smoked bacon though.  


The Bighorn Café Breakfast Steak and Eggs was very good.  It was at least an 8oz. N.Y. Strip. The steak seemed like it was more dinner sized and was a good cut, juicy and cooked as ordered.  

The view is still as good as ever from the Bighorn Café dining area. 

Service once we were seated was fine.  It took us and and another couple who came after us close way too long to be acknowledged to be seated.  Even after we waited at the hostess podium and went in through the lounge to see if anyone was working.   There were a half a dozen other tables seated but no one watching for new customers.   

Prices are fair.  The Steak and Eggs was a good deal for just $12.    

We look forward to seeing how the Lunch and Dinner menu is.    

The Lodge Steakhouse was a favorite, time will tell how good the The Bighorn Café is.  If you visit or have already tried it, come over to our Facebook Group and share your experience. 

When we left we noticed the old Lodge mascot, that had been above the entrance, sitting in an empty, adjacent room.  It seems like it would of still fit the decor, even though it isn't a Bighorn Sheep. 

The Old Look of what is now the Bighorn Cafe 

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