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Oct 24, 2017

Jackpot Joanie's Opens in Laughlin, NV

Laughlin, Nevada

Jackpot Joanie's quietly opened in Laughlin, NV on Friday, October 20th.  

We dropped in for a visit over the weekend, played a bit, and took a few pictures.

Jackpot Joanie's is located on Needles Hwy in the Laughlin Town Center.  This is about 4 miles+ from Casino Drive.   This is the prior location of Alberto's restaurant and lounge.  They will be open 24 hours.  

The place is spacious and has video poker/keno machines on the top of a bar type structure.  It isn't actually used as a bar in the traditional sense because the drinks are located in a different location behind it.  Staff just comes around to players and checks if you want a drink.  Drinks are comped while playing. 

They do have a players card.  When we were there if you earned 100 points you received $10 in free play.  It is given right on the machine.  This is most likely a one time thing for when you first get your card.  Points accumulated can also be redeemed at the machine for additional play (similar to how the machines in Dotty's/Laughlin River Lodge work).  

There is plenty of space at the bar and also tables set up to the right of it.   A bar food type menu is available with good prices.   Keep in mind this is designed to be a gaming place, not a restaurant even though food is served.   Under the type of restricted license these types of places obtain they can have up to 15 machines and have to make food available. 

They have multiple TV's displayed throughout the place and are planning on showing the various games and sporting events. 

They were not serving food yet when we were there but should be now.  Were waiting on approval/inspection.   Below is the menu.   

There are multiple other Jackpot Joanie's locations in the Las Vegas area.   

Staff was wonderful, welcoming and very friendly.   We welcome the new place in Laughlin and wish them the best. We definitely will be back to try some things off their menu and see how the business evolves.  Keep in mind if you go--this is their first week and give them some time to get things going.  All new openings take some time to get flowing.  

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