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Oct 20, 2017

Shrimp Cocktail in Laughlin, not 99 cents but still good!

Laughlin, Nevada


We recently had a shrimp cocktail at two spots in Laughlin, NV.  The first picture is of the one we had at the Big Easy in the Colorado Belle.   The second picture is from the Westside Cafe at the Riverside Resort.  They serve the same one at the Sidewalk Cafe at the Riverside as well.  The Sidewalk Cafe shrimp cocktail did win the 2015 Best of Laughlin award. The good news is the price hasn't changed since 2015.  

Which one was better?

The Big Easy shrimp seemed slightly bigger.  While it was good, the texture was too soft.  The cocktail sauce was served on the side and was did not have enough bite too it.  Saltine crackers were available on the condiment bar.  Price $5.99

The shrimp cocktail from the Riverside was less expensive and there were more shrimp of better quality.  The sauce was very good.  It was heaped in with the shrimp like in the old days.   Saltine crackers were included.  Price $3.50   

Our pick would have to be the one at the Riverside, better quality shrimp, cocktail sauce, and price.   We liked the one at the Big Easy but feel the price is a bit high.  We did use our comps to pay for it, so that made it seem better!

The Shrimp Cocktail at the Cove Lounge in the Aquarius has won Best Shrimp Cocktail in the 2016 and 2017 Best of Laughlin Awards.  

However, the Cove Lounge Shrimp Cocktail is a high end sit down restaurant style.  They are really good, extra large shrimp  (priced at $12, although we remember it being as low as $9 in the past).  

When is someone in Laughlin going to bring back a 99 cent deal?  

Probably never, but the Avi at one time did.  

PBR and a Shrimp Cocktail for 99 cents, no longer available! 

This is the only one we remember seeing in recent years.  Seems like a good way to bring in some customers.  

Do you have a favorite place for Shrimp Cocktail in Laughlin?  

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