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Oct 4, 2017

No Bullhead River Regatta but Laughlin Gaming Revenue Up for month of August

Laughlin, Nevada

Gaming revenue in Nevada jumped 14.91% in August 2017 compared to the same month in 2016.  

In Laughlin, gaming revenue was up 6.94%. This jump happened in spite of the fact that there was no Bullhead City River Regatta event.  The Regatta has been traditionally held in August. 

Cancellation of the Regatta caused speculation that it might Laughlin numbers.  After all the majority of attendees use the Hotels in Laughlin as a base.  No Regatta appears not to have hurt gaming revenue at all. 

Gaming Revenue was up in Laughlin by 6.94% for August of 2017

August 2017 revenue was:  $39,090,952    
August 2016 revenue was:  $36,554,260

Gaming revenue breakdowns by area:

Las Vegas Strip                    + 21.35%

Laughlin                               + 6.94%         

Downtown Las Vegas          + 13.4% 

North Las Vegas                   + 1.74%

Boulder Strip                        + 0.83%

Mesquite                                + 10.57%

*all data is compared to the same period last year  


River Regatta Picture from a prior year 

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