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Nov 28, 2017

Prime Rib at Daniel's Restaurant, Laughlin Nevada

Laughlin, NV 

Daniel's Restaurant
Regency Casino 


Daniel's Restaurant offers a Prime Rib Special, served Thursday-Sunday (after 4pm, based on availability).   One Saturday evening we stopped in for a late dinner and decided to give it a try.  

The Prime Rib exceeded all expectations.  It was roasted and seasoned perfectly and came with a baked potato, green beans, dinner rolls and a side salad.  All for $17.99 for the regular cut.  The much larger King Cut is $23.99. 

No slight intended to the 2017 Best of Laughlin Prime Rib category winner, the Prime Rib Room-- but we believe the one at the Regency was much better!   For about the same price.  

Regency Casino - Daniel's Restaurant Regular Cut Prime Rib Dinner

We also ordered the Buffalo Wings to try them.  It's always nice to see if there are some other places where good wings can be found in Laughlin.  Daniel's wings were very good, nice and crisp and full of flavor.   We ended up taking most of them in a to go box because we knew the Prime Rib would be a huge meal. 

Regency Casino - Daniel's Restaurant Buffalo Wings

Regency Casino - Daniel's Restaurant Side Dinner Salad
In spite of the dining room being nearly full, and it looking like they could use more staff, the service was really good, attentive, and friendly.  

Regency Casino - Daniel's Restaurant  

Daniel's Restaurant is located in the small, locally owned Regency Casino.  They are located between the Aquarius and Edgewater properties.  

Daniel's also won Best Burger (for the 3rd consecutive year), Best CafĂ©/Diner, and Best Cheap Eats in the 2017 Best of Laughlin Awards

For the quality, taste, and price, the Prime Rib at Daniel's might just be one of our new favorites.   We will definitely be back again. 

This review and the information is based on our own personal experience and opinion. Prices, and other details are subject to change by the owner, your results may vary.  

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