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Sep 7, 2012

Windows on the River Buffet at the Aquarius

Review -  Windows on the Buffet - Sunday Champagne Brunch

Visit date:  September 2012

Location:  Aquarius Resort and Casino

We had tried the buffet at the Aquarius a couple other times and it was good.  This time we went just after noon on a Sunday.   The line was unexpectedly smaller than we have seen it in the past and we used the "VIP" line anyway (based on the ACE players card).  Funny thing is they do give you priority in paying for your buffet in this line, but you still have to wait in line to be seated. If there is a VIP line then you should get VIP seating as well. 

Things continued negatively with the service when the hostess rudely told us to sit down while a table was cleared off.  Meanwhile there were dozens of open tables.  Then she went to the table and put our slip on it after it was clean.  She didn't even look back at us or indicate we should go to the table.  After a few minutes of wondering, while other people were being seated, we just got up and went to the table. 

You get two free drinks with the buffet.  These are obtained by going up to the little bar off to the side.  Our waiter, and the hostess did not tell us this, we only knew from past visits. We went up to the bar and asked for a glass of the champagne.  The bartender didn't greet us or say a word whatsover, just grumpily poured them and set them in front of us. 

Tip: If you want a Mimosa, order orange juice from your waiter and then get the champagne at the bar.  Make your own. Much better the almost all orange juice Mimosa you would get from the bar. 

The salad bar section was fresh and nice.  They also had a create your own omelette section, which was good.  If we had stuck to the omlettes and the salad bar it would of been a nice brunch (except for the service).

The rest of the buffet was not quite as good.  Rolls and breads seemed dry or old.  Two unremarkable soup selections.  The carving table only had one sad piece of ham on it, and some turkey.  No roast beef or prime rib.  Not sure if there was supposed to be or not.  Usually there is.   The Eggs Benedict had been sitting for awhile and looked all dried out.  Sausage was the brown and serve type and not all that browned.  Meanwhile in the huge bacon bin there was a mix of undercooked and overcooked bacon.   The rest of the entree selections were also just standard buffet food that seemed to have been under the heat lamps too long. 

Our waiter never came back and offered us a second beverage or coffee.  We went to the dessert section to check it out.  On past visits this was one of the best parts of the buffet.  Today there were a few random cupcakes that looked like they had been there awhile.  The selections of cakes and pies were minimal and the few we sampled were very dry (or old).   No chocolate dipped strawberries as there were other visits.  There are sugar free choices and non-fat yogurt but we didn't even venture to try them. After a few bites of some of the items (with no coffee) we decided it was time to go.   We didn't even bother to go back up to the bar for a second drink.

Overall it seemed like we were coming in at the end of a buffet right before closing.  Items were dry, old, or not being replaced.  Service was slow or non-existent or rude (bartender).   Given that it was the main part of the day on a Sunday and several more hours remained for the buffet, this should not have happened.  On the upside, the room is spacious, clean and nice.  If only the buffet was as good. 
It was disappointing and even though we had good experiences there before, it might be awhile before we try it again. 

Highlight was the cost.  Using our comps it was free.  Without them the normal price is:
$10.99 (orange, green, or red card) or $13.19 (blue card).    $14.65 without a players card, so get one even if you don't gamble, they are free.   Sunday brunch buffet is 7am to 3pm.  Prices and hours on other days may be different, check ahead.

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