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Nov 9, 2012

Burger Wednesday at Daniels Restaurant - Regency Casino

Jalapeno Burger

Every Wednesday they have a great special at Daniels Restaurant in the Regency Casino in Laughlin, NV.   Burger Wednesday is 2 for 1 burgers (or 1/2 off).  You do not have to buy 2 burgers to get 1/2 off.  Many locals and visitors say these are among the best burgers in the area.  Without a doubt, using this special they are one of the best values you can get.  After our own visit and another by a friend we have to agree their burgers are very good.

Daniels is located in the Regency Casino, which is the smallest one on Casino Drive.  The restaurant itself is in the corner of the Casino and has become a local favorite due to their great prices and good food.  Decor is just basic tables and booths.  There is a good view of the River and mountains at the back of the restaurant.  Staff is very friendly and prompt.  Service was fast despite the place being 3/4 full on both visits reviewed.

They have a large selection of burgers (over 15 options at last check) ranging from the Basic Burger to Jalapeno Burger to the Popeye Burger.  Just about anything you can imagine can come on your burger.

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Here is a link to the menu
It is a large pdf so might load slowly.

Being a bit traditional one of us ordered just the Basic Burger (not even any cheese).  This is a great way to get the taste of how good the beef is.   We also tried the Jalapeno burger.  Both were delicious and come with a side of fries.  (You can upgrade from regular fries to other options for a small nominal charge).   The burgers are about a quarter pound on a nice fresh bun.  They seem a bit smaller than what you get at some of the other local places.  However, in our opinion they were just the right size.  The side of fries is a reasonable portion too, not like the huge heaping plate full you get at some places.  It's unusual but refreshing to see reasonable size portions.  Even though we loved the Jalapeno Burger if we had to choose between the two our favorite was the regular Burger.   Based on our recommendations our friends went and tried the Basic Burger and the Mushroom Swiss Burger.  They raved about both of them, but said the Mushroom Swiss was their favorite.  It had an abundance of good, fresh mushrooms and they said it was much juicier (and bigger) than the regular burger.  One of them also upgraded to the sweet potato fries which were deemed good.   Beer and drinks are also very reasonably priced and they have many specials and happy hours going on as well. 

Regular Burger was $4.50, Jalapeno Burger and Mushroom Swiss were $4.99 at the 1/2 off price. There was a 50 cent up charge from regular fries to Sweet Potato. 

A pint of Newcastle Brown even came in at just $3.50, a good price.  A bottle of Stella is $3.75, while a bottle of Michelob Ultra was $3.25.  There are other great beer prices during their happy hours and specials as well.

For a good burger with couple of beers on Burger Wednesday you can get in and out for under $20 for two people.  Even cheaper if you don't have an alcoholic beverage.  That's a great deal. 

Daniel's restaurant also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday.
Tuesday is Taco Tuesday
Wednesday is 2 for 1 Burgers all day, not just limited hours.
On Friday's there is an all you can eat fish fry from 3-10 pm.
Prime Rib is served Thursday through Sunday after 4pm.

Breakfast specials (by the sign we saw) looked good too.

You can access Daniels from the Riverwalk (just about 300 steps from the Aquarius Casino) or from Casino Drive between the Edgewater and Aquarius.  It's smaller and set back from the road, lots of parking.  Be sure you pat the lucky cow going in or out if you are going to try your luck on the machines!  

Regency Sign on Casino Drive
Note:  Apparently at one time the Restaurant was called the Tropical Cow but is now Daniels.

Riverwalk Entrance to the Regency

As far as we know they do not offer a players card or other discounts.

We highly recommend you try the burgers and will share other reviews on other items soon.  The jury is still out if this is the best burger in the area but we know it ranks up there near the top.

If you try Daniels let us know what you think or what your favorite burger was!
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