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Nov 11, 2012

Saiman Soup and a Burger - Lunch at Cafe Aquarius in Laughlin

Restaurant and Lunch Review

Aquarius Resort and Casino


Cafe Aquarius  - located inside the Aquarius Resort and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada

Date of visit:   October 2012

Two of us stopped by Cafe Aquarius for a early lunch.   One of us got the standard, plain, hamburger with fries.  Cafe Aquarius has very good burgers.  They are at least 1/3 of a lb, good quality, never dry, and served on a grilled, fresh bun.  The side of fries comes, like many of their side items, come in a metal basket.  They were cooked nicely, crispy and delicious.  Use of the metal baskets gives the meal a nice diner touch and presentation.

Our second order was for the "Sign of the Zodiac" soup.  Perhaps you are like us and had never heard of it.  We noticed it on the menu and saw several other people in our section were enjoying this soup.  Our server told us it was very popular and said she personally loved it.

Sign of the Zodiac is the Cafe Aquarius version of Saiman Soup.

Saiman soup is sometimes called the national dish of Hawaii.   According to Wikipedia:
Saimin is a noodle soup dish unique to Hawaii. Inspired by Japanese udon, Chinese mein, and Filipino pancit, saimin was developed during Hawaii's plantation era. It is a soup dish of soft wheat egg noodles served in hot dashi garnished with green onions. Kamaboko, char siu, sliced Spam, linguiƧa, and nori may be added, among other additions.

This is not a side, small bowl of soup, it is designed to be a meal.  It contained Chicken, Pork, Shrimp, Scallops and Saimin noodles in a very flavorful broth.   The larger bowl was even hard to finish and was very filling.  The seafood and other ingredients in the dish were cooked perfectly and very fresh.  If you love this sort of soup or are in the mood for something different, we highly recommend you give this one a try.   At $9.99 is a good value.

As usual we enjoyed a inexpensive lunch at Cafe Aquarius.  Staff is very friendly, especially at checkout.  Service was good, though a little bit slow.  It was busy so that's somewhat to be expected.  Both meals plus soft drinks brought our tab around 25 dollars, not bad for a good quality lunch.   Cafe Aquarius does give a 10 percent discount for the AcePlay Players card and will accept points/comps as payment. 

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