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Nov 4, 2012

Riverside Casino Sunday Brunch - Laughin, NV

The Riverside Casino has a wide variety on their Buffet, including different themes every night. 
Riverside Buffet

They also have a very good Sunday Brunch.

Themes of the Riverside Buffet
The space for the Buffet/Brunch is like much of the other areas of the Riverside.  A bit of a throwback to another era.  Older, simple tables and seating, plain and unassuming.  There is a good view of the Colorado River. 

Sunday brunch is from 7am-2:30pm.  It starts earlier than most of the other Sunday brunches in Laughlin.  Included are traditional breakfast items and main entrees.  Unlimited Champagne is also included. 

We went early one Sunday so focused mostly on the Breakfast items.  They have a nice Belgian Waffle station, which was good.  The other breakfast items were fresh and well prepared. We only sampled a few of the entrees but what we tried was good.    Unlike some of the other buffets we have tried in Laughlin, they kept the items restocked and nothing looked like it had sat out too long.   If you like Bread Pudding they had a really good one on the buffet. The only part that was lacking a bit was the desert section which consisted mostly of donuts, a few pastries and an ice cream machine.  It probably was worst dessert section we have seen at a Buffet in Laughlin. 

The brunch was moderately busy when we got there, and traffic picked up by the time we left.  There was even a brief line to get to some of the items.  Apparently they get a lot of guests because when you first go in there is a long winding velvet rope maze to go through to check in. 

At $13.99 the Champage Brunch is a good value.  Using our comps on the players card it was even better -- FREE.  Even if we had paid full price it would of been a good value.  As usual we ordered Orange Juice and made our own Mimosa with the unlimited champagne.  The champagne was served in the little plastic glasses like you can buy in the dollar store for New Years Eve, it would of been much nicer if they actually gave a wine or champagne glass.  In our opinion this would of been a good touch and just make the champagne brunch concept a bit nicer.  On a more positive note they do come to the table with the bottle and fill your glass as much as you want.  Unlike the Aquarius Champagne brunch, where you get two glasses but have to go up to the little bar to get them.  
We would of probably hung around longer at brunch but the place did get a bit busy and loud so we headed out to recoup some of our spent comps. 

As long as you aren't looking for a fancy or relaxing atmosphere (or a dessert fanatic) we recommend the brunch as a good choice.  

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