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Apr 3, 2013

Laughlin Town Center (not Casino Drive)

A couple weeks ago we noticed that they appear to be in the process of painting/changing the color of the buildings that are part of the Laughlin Town Center.    Work seems to be slow but it will make for a nicer, cleaner look once it is completed.  Half the buildings are now one color and the rest are another.  Parts of certain sections are both colors. Perhaps upon completion it will even help bring more businesses and visitors to the Town Center.

Old Movie Rental Store, now vacant

Laughlin Town Center

Buildings Half Resurfaced a new Color

Many people who visit Laughlin don't even venture up to or know the Town Center exists.  To get to it from Casino Drive you simply go up the hill (Bruce Woodbury Drive) that is directly across from the Edgewater Casino.  Approximately 3 miles you take the first left onto Needles Hwy.  Just a short way down the hill you will pass the Laughlin Library, then the Post Office, and come up on the Town Center.    This part of Laughlin is also surrounded by much of the Laughlin residential area.

What is currently located at the Town Center?

On the corner in front of the Town Center is the Mobil Gas Station.  For the record prices at this station are substantially higher than just across the River in Bullhead City.  Often they are even higher than the prices of Terrible's station on Casino Drive.

The Laughlin branch of the DMV is located here.  This is very small but there is seldom a line (they are so small the numbers you get to wait your turn are handmade with a sharpie on paper).  Did you know that Clark County and NV considers Laughlin to be rural so you do not need a Emissions inspection if you live here and register your car?

The only "grocery" store in Laughlin, Aldapes, is also located here.  Be warned, selection is very limited and prices are very high.  Shopping here is best done on a need-to-have-it-because-we-just-ran-out-of-it basis.   They are open 24 hours.

Dining options at the Town Center are somewhat limited but are ok.  The problem might be that most people don't know they are here or from the highway don't notice them.  Or might not think the area looks appealing enough to stop.

Mama Mia's has pizza, subs and more.   Good lunch specials.
Humbertos - Mexican
Alberto's  -  small diner, very friendly, decent prices and excellent Broasted Chicken (worth waiting for).  Thi sis next to the lounge with video poker (the lounge is open 24 hours).
Brown Bear Coffee -  good coffee, lattes, even serve breakfast and lunch now.  Small but has a counter and a few tables and chairs.

There are two hair salons, a couple realty businesses, the Southern NV health office, the Laughlin Times newspaper office, CMA Cable, local television TV2 offices and studio, a check cashing/loan offices, and tax preparation, insurance businesses.

The local laundromat that was there closed, as did the Pizza Hut which was just down the street from there.  Oddly enough no franchise or fast food type businesses exist up on the hill at the Town Center or nearby.  Given the many apartment complexes and residential area we would think one would be able to thrive there.

There are many empty, unoccupied units in the center.  It would be wonderful to see new businesses open up.  It would be nice to not have to always run over to Bullhead City every time something is needed from the store or to obtain a specific service. The face lift seems to be a good step, next they need to fix or replace the aging sign. As it is the Town Center does not look very appealing from Needles Highway and there really aren't many destination stores or businesses that would bring people to it.   Perhaps the owners and local "politicians" need to find a way to stimulate, encourage development of the Town Center and help make it more visually and economically important as a part of Laughlin. A new smoke shop did open recently, not exactly the type of business that the area needs, but at least someone is trying.

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