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Apr 17, 2013

Roundhouse Buffet - Dixieland Brunch at Tropicana Laughlin

Review of the Dixieland Brunch at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada

The following is a Guest Review from a loyal reader.

Last Sunday we visited the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada to redeem free play we had received in the mail.   We got extremely lucky and ended up winning a hundred dollars.  It was approaching 11 am and we noticed we also had a 2 for 1 coupon for the Roundhouse Buffet.   We figured you couldn't go wrong for $12.99 for two of what was advertised, Dixieland Brunches.  Friends had told us they had gone in the past and enjoyed it.

There was no line so we were seated right away.  This was a stark contrast from the lines we usually find at a couple of the other Casino Sunday brunches.  Included in the cost of the brunch is one ticket for a glass of champagne.  We thought that was odd since other places we have tried either give you unlimited or at least two glasses.  We had to go up to the champagne bar to get it, at first no one was there and other people were waiting.  So, we went to get food first (after we had gotten a plate of food an employee finally appeared at the champagne bar).  When we finally did get our glass of champagne it was a huge one, though in a plastic cup.  I guess the size makes up for only being given one glass.

The food was alright. There were the usual breakfast selections and several choices of other dishes like fried chicken (way overdone), carved ham (average), and several different Mexican style selections.  There was also this big (very dry and tasteless) breakfast pizza.   We would be hard pressed to call the buffet good or recommend it.  Certainly not if you are paying full price.  Definitely not as good as the Sunday brunches we have had at Aquarius, Harrahs, or the Golden Nugget.   The best (and freshest, hottest) dishes were the pancakes, sausage, bacon, and fruit selections.   Dessert choices were limited and what they did have were all very dry.   There were sugar free choices we did not try.  They do have four machines that dispense fat free yogurt and ice cream (soft serve).  Plus toppings.  Is it wrong to take fat free yogurt and add whipped cream and Carmel?

We did like that at this buffet you can go get your own drinks from the machines set up.  Soft drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, juices.  No waiting necessary for the servers to get them for you.  However, we seldom saw a server and between plates they did not clear the dirty dishes very promptly.

Finally, perhaps they discontinued the brunch as a Dixieland brunch.  We had heard that there is usually a trio of performers playing as a dixieland band in the dining area of the brunch.  None were seen or heard during the entire 1+ hour we were there.  If they have stopped doing it, and that is possible, they should remove it from their website and advertising.  As of when we were there it was still advertised as such.

We generally love all the dining choices at the Tropicana in Laughin.  The Steakhouse is one of our favorites. Carnegie's Dining Car has good food.   Even the small Mexican restaurant and Italian place have pretty good choices at great prices.  The Roundhouse Buffet isn't quite up to par with the food quality or service.  From now on when we visit the Tropicana we will most certainly go to one of the other places.

Luckily, with some comps on our players card and a discount, the entire brunch for two of us only cost us a couple dollars.  That's a real deal.  In retrospect we did get to relax, sit, and enjoy our coffee and champagne after a nice bonus win in the casino.


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