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Apr 30, 2013

Pizza in Laughlin

Pizza at Pints Microbrewery and Restaurant in the Colorado Belle 

Who has the best Pizza in Laughlin?

After hearing many people say how good it is, we finally tried the Pizza at Pints in the Colorado Belle.   

They only have one size Pizza, which is cooked in a brick type oven you can see from the dining area.  This gives the impression they would have very good Pizzas.   Pricing starts at $8.99 for a pie with just sauce and cheese.  Additional toppings are 99 cents for meat toppings and 79 cents for veggie toppings.  Pretty good pricing in our opinion.  

We had some wings as an appetizer and split one of the Pizzas (three of us).   One of the three of us loved it, the other two thought it was good, just not really good.   Part of the reason was it was just a tiny bit overcooked (see pic) and the crust was borderline on burned in parts.   The cheese was a good quality, the veggies were fresh.  We opted for the Italian Sausage instead of our normal Pepperoni choice.  This wasn't our favorite part.  Small flavorless pieces of sausage.  

Service was terrible once again.   Often this seems to be the case when we have been here.  First of all we visited the day before River Run was about to start.  Already there were alot of "biker crowd".    What was funny was as they sat people they were segregating by age and crowd.  Not in a negative discriminatory way, but they were seating older people and those with children to the far right part of the restaurant and everyone else over in the main part by the bar.  As our party was mixed age they shuffled us into the "older" section.   Our waitress was terrible.  Slow, didn't know anything she was asked, and we could see her off to the side in a room just standing there doing nothing instead of coming out to her tables.  Other staff brought the food and drinks.  No one bothered to clear dishes or ask if we needed anything else or how the food was.  

Pints English Brown 
As always the beer was great.   We even learned after we had a pint that they offer a bigger 22 oz. glass (called a Tall).  So of course, we had to have one of those too!   Had never been told that before, or perhaps it is a new.   

22 oz. Tall 

While it wasn't bad Pizza, the search will go on for the best Pizza in Laughlin. 

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