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Apr 11, 2013

Lunch at the Cafe in the Aquarius Resort and Casino

Visited April 2013
Restaurant Review

Cafe Aquarius in the Aquarius Resort and Casino, Laughlin, Nevada

We had not been in the Cafe Aquarius for several months and decided to pop in for a quick bite to eat.  Place was half empty and unfortunately we had to wait far too long at the podium for someone to seat us.  This always seems odd when it occurs.  Especially when other staff pass by and see people waiting.

Once seated service was prompt, though as often encountered in Laughlin, it seems friendly but slightly less than professional.

One person in our party just wanted an appetizer and chose the Chicken Wings.  He asked the waitress how they were prepared, specifically if they were breaded or not.  She seemed unsure and said they were not breaded but were in a buffalo wing sauce.  This is how he wanted them so they were ordered.

We also ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger with Sweet Potato Fries and a second order of the hot Turkey Sandwich (substituting french fries for the mashed potato), and a side salad with Blue Cheese dressing.

In the past we had been very pleased with the burgers here.  This time it seemed smaller, dryer and not as tasty.  The bun wasn't even as fresh as we recalled before.  See our older review at the end of this post for another burger review in the past.

Burger on this visit

The presentation wasn't as nice either.  See last time here. The Sweet Potato Fries seemed overcooked both in taste and color. They were thrown on a plate, whereas last time they were in a nice little side basket.  The bacon on the burger was also way overdone.  Lettuce, tomato and pickle were also provided, these were fresh and good.  The waitress for some reason brought a cup of mayo (without us requesting it).  Before we had considered the burgers here as one of the best we had tried in Laughlin, but after this visit the ranking has slipped considerably.

The hot turkey sandwich was a huge portion.  Enough for two people really.

Hot Turkey Plate

In fact, we took half home for another meal.  The turkey was good, fresh, tasty, not dry.  The bread was thick and fresh too.  Covered in gravy it was a hearty (although not so healthy) meal.   The gravy could of been a little hotter.  Often it is hot when they prep it but by the time it makes it to the table and is enjoyed it starts to get cool.  Green beans as a side were good, not the canned variety.

The side salad was fresh and good size.  Blue cheese was sort of runny, not one of the best but ok.

The wings were another matter.  None of us really cared for them.  They were Breaded after all, really we should of sent them back but didn't.  They were very big wings. Too big.  At least they were thoroughly cooked through.

Biggest - Breaded - Chicken Wing Ever
The breading sopped up the hot sauce and although they were edible we certainly would never get wings here again.  Lesson learned.  Stick to the Boneyard (just across the river in Bullhead City) or even Pints (Colorado Belle) or Buffalo Wild Wings (Bullhead City) if you want good wings.    They came with two wilted pieces of celery and carrot sticks and a big bowl of the runny blue cheese dressing.

In conclusion, the quality seems to have slipped a notch at Cafe Aquarius.  Prices are still a good value. Our tab with drinks was about 30 dollars before the discount.  You do get 10 percent with an Ace Players Card and can also use comps off your card if you have them.  The Cafe is still not a bad place to grab something to eat if you go in expecting cafe type food.  We still sort of prefer Carnegies Dining Car at the Tropicana Lauglin for our go to diner/cafe in Laughlin.

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