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Jul 18, 2013

Black Bear Diner - One of the best Breakfasts

Black Bear Diner
Bullhead City, AZ

The Black Bear Diner is just 10 minutes or so down Hwy 95 once you cross the bridge from Laughlin.  This is a place definitely worthy of a border crossing into Bullhead City.  Usually they seem very busy and one other time we were going to visit recently the wait was too long.  The other morning we were out earlier than usual and impulsively stopped in for a breakfast.   It turned out to be a very good choice.

Prices are excellent, especially when you see the size of the portions.  Two people could easily share one of the breakfasts.   In fact, several couples around us were doing just that.  The menu is a tabloid style paper and has just about anything and everything you could want for breakfast.  So many choices, it is hard to choose.   This morning they had a special for $7.99, steak and eggs.  This included hash browns and a biscuit.  Everything was cooked perfectly, the steak was nicely seasoned.  The biscuit was very fresh. For $7.99 this was a excellent value.

Steak and Eggs for just $7.99

Another diner at our table ordered the Southern Biscuit and Gravy.  This is a souped up version of standard biscuits and gravy in that it came with Black Bears specialty sausage patty and scrambled eggs on a biscuit covered in gravy.  Not a healthy choice by any means, but delicious.  The sausage patty was one of the best we have had since being in the area.  We highly recommend it, even as a side or in another breakfast.  Waffles and bacon were the third breakfast, again also very good.  Fresh, light and tasty.    Coffee, juice, tax and tip for three came to just over $30.  We couldn't even finish everything.  Staff at the hostess stand and our waitress were wonderful, fast, and welcoming.  The decor is what you would except, very rustic, homey, complete with bear decor and deer mounted on the wall.

Coffee was very good too...we had run out at home so maybe it tasted even better for that reason.

If you are looking for a good homemade style breakfast at great prices and huge portions, give the Black Bear Diner a try.  The short drive is worth it.

We look forward to getting back there sometime to try a lunch or dinner.

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