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Jul 4, 2013

Random Laughlin Observations

This week's 

Random observations, opinions, and sights in and around Laughlin  

  • More and more homeless people seem to have a dog.
  • Someone hit the 18K+  Hot Spin Jackpot at the Aquarius Resort Casino.  Last time it had been hit was in December when it was about 22K.
  • The Brendan Movie Theater at the Avi Resort has the best stadium seating.  Unfortunately, the lines are usually long as you have to buy your ticket at the concession stand -- even if you don't want any concessions.  How about having 1 window or station that is just for tickets?
  • The Phoenix cinema at the Laughlin Outlet mall has more than one time not cleaned the theater between shows when we have been there. Hopefully just an oversight. Still no excuse.
  • Pints restaurant continues to have the worst service.  At the Colorado Belle Casino.  Yesterday was the latest in a long string of this happening.  Review coming.  Luckily their food is usually worth the hassle. 
  • The Laughlin Outlet mall closes way too early.  No wonder it is usually like a ghost town.  
  • The Koi Carp fish in the moat at the Colorado Belle are the most photographed celebrities in Laughlin. 
  • Gas was 3.89 on Casino Drive in Laughlin and 3.30 just over the bridge at Sam's Club in Bullhead City, AZ
  • The Golden Nugget has changed their popular Sunday Buffet.  Bad Move. 
  • Coffee Duet in the Aquarius was supposed to be open about 12 weeks after Starbucks closed.  That was mid March.  Missing the spot and hoping it will reopen soon. 

More next time....

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