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Jul 13, 2013

What is up with the service at Pint's in the Colorado Belle

Going against our own bad personal experiences we decided to give Pints Microbrewery and Restaurant another try.  This is located on the Casino level of the Colorado Belle.

We love some of the food, have absolutely hated the service.  Everyone deserves a 2nd, or in this case 4th chance, right?  So, one night after a movie we arrived.  As usual despite no line we had to wait far to long at the hostess stand. Meanwhile two employees talked and ignored us by the cash register. Finally seated we browsed the menu.  And waited, and waited, and waited. Then our server, we will call Armondo, arrived looking confused and unsure of what his job was.  We asked if a couple of the brews listed on the placard on the table were available. This was in July, the card said they were for June. He said he didn't know and would go check.  This took about 5 minutes more even though the bar was 30 feet away.  He came back and said no they weren't.  So, we asked him if another one we had in the past was available.  He said yes, so we ordered them and told him we wanted to order our food right away.  We didn't dare let him leave as it was becoming apparent he would disappear for a long time.  By the way the restaurant was not busy at all.  About 10 minutes went by and he showed up to tell us that in fact that beer wasn't available either.  We asked what was available and he looked distraught because he didn't know.  So rather than wait we asked for pints of the Golden Ale, assuming they always have that one.  By now we had been seated a good half an hour with nothing on our table.  Our pints finally were delivered and about 15 minutes later Armondo came with the food.  He quickly dropped it off and took off, not even asking if we wanted any more drinks or needed anything.  We noticed we had no napkins or silverware and  assumed (hoped) he had gone to get some.  One of the orders was wrong, missing  the toppings requested on the Burger, the others were fine.  But...time ticked by and he didn't come back.  We kept looking for him or to get the attention of someone else to no avail.  Finally, the food was getting cold so one of us went up to the hostess stand to the same two girls talking there and told them what we needed and that our waiter was non-existent.  A minute later the manager appeared apologizing and asking what we needed.  He took care of everything quickly himself.   He said if there was anything else we needed to let him know and he would be back at the end of the meal to check on us.  We finished everything and were still sitting there for about 10 more minutes before Armondo came by again.  He gave us the check but didn't ask if we wanted anything else.  The manager never reappeared either.

This is not an isolated event, we have personally experienced terrible service a half a dozen times and have seen many other patrons get the same.  Our advice:  Pint's has good beer (you might have a hard time finding out which ones as the staff doesn't even seem to know), and some good food, but if you go...sit at the bar, have a few drinks or appetizers or a pizza.  Avoid the dining room until they get their staff trained to do the simplest of tasks of customer service.

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For a look at the menu and prices currently at Pints visit:

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  1. Couldn't agree more.

    I find myself not even using my mailed food comp dollars here, just to avoid the time and headache. The only way to get any type of service is to sit at the bar, and bar service is mediocre at best.

    I know you don't take much issue with the pricing, but I do. Seven bucks for chips and salsa. Come on now Marnell Gaming. You can do better.

    Don Laughlin Jr.