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Jan 24, 2014

Latest Restaurant Inspections from Laughlin

2-8-14  See an update* at the end of this post.

Did you know you can check on the latest health inspections for restaurants you may want to dine at in Southern Nevada?    This includes Laughlin and Las Vegas.

We always find it a good idea to check it from time to time or if we are going to visit a new place.   It never hurts to be safe.

Laughlin restaurants (in the past 3 years) have almost always have had "A" ratings in the restaurant inspections performed by the Southern Nevada Health District.    But a check today showed several who slipped up a bit.   They didn't fail or get closed but apparently need to fix some of the violations.

Here is a screenshot of the newest ones for Laughlin.

Claim Jumper (Golden Nugget), Cafe Aquarius (Aquarius Casino), and Coco's (Edgewater Casino) all received a B with 19 demerits.   Most related to hand washing, proper storage of food, etc.  You can go to the SNHD site and see what the actual violations are.

Bikini's Sports Bar received a C rating with 29 demerits.   The Edgewater (Hot and Cold Line) received a C as well with 30 demerits.  We are not sure what the hot and cold line is, though we certainly would like to know.

C is apparently the lowest grade.  The SNHD will routinely close down any restaurant that receives 40 demerits (or more).

All these restaurants were inspected on January 15, 2014.   While none of the places failed, you can't be to cautious, especially to avoid food born illness from something that has not be stored properly or is contaminated due to these kinds of violations.

*We have always found Claim Jumper to be nice and clean, even when it was previously Harlow's.  The same for Cafe Aquarius (although we have not been there in quite some time).  We no longer frequent Coco's due to the bad service and conditions (cleanliness) we encountered the last two times.  In our opinion, if a place can't keep the front and dining section of their establishment looking nice and clean, we don't even want to know what is going on back in the kitchen.  And, Bikini's isn't somewhere we go and definitely not a place we would look to eat.  We didn't even know they served food. 

Visit the SNHD  website here to look up restaurants in Nevada.  There is a search feature.  For Laughlin put in Zipcode 89029.

You can even file a complaint using the online form if you find a problem with somewhere you dined.
Go here for the complaint form process.

*Update, 2-8-14: All the restaurants received an A grade on a re-inspection.  
See details here.

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*All opinions in this blog are from our own personal experience and are presented for informational purposes only.  We received no compensation from the properties or restaurants in this blog post and are not in any way affiliated with them.  

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