Laughlin Buzz

Jan 18, 2014

Progressive 25 cent slot hit

Congrats to the person who got lucky!

We noticed last week that a progressive 25 cent slot jackpot that had grown to well over 55 thousand dollars must of been hit recently.   This machine must of taken years to grow to that size.  We recall seeing it in the 40 thousand range three years ago.  Last week it was reset to just 4000.

Here are the before and after pictures we found in our files.

Well we have never played it (and you can't win if you don't play), someone got lucky for just a 50 cent spin.  
Share your best hit or closest almost hit in the comments below.

Who knows which Casino this was?  

P.S.  The 25 cent progressive slot on the opposite side of these machines has not been hit in years either and is over 60 thousand.

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  1. looks like the Pioneer.

  2. River Palms?
    Need to get out there soon. I think ol Don will fly us out.

  3. It does have a Pioneer look to it! But nope.

  4. nope, not the River Palms either.
    There is one progressive there that has been stuck on $29,999.99 for as long as we can recall. Will it ever go? Probably not anytime soon as the place is more like a ghost town most of the time.