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Jan 15, 2014

McDonalds closed at Edgewater Casino

It's nice for a wish to come true...even if it is only in the form of the closing of a McDonalds!

Back at the end of December we commented on how some things were looking up at the Edgewater Hotel and Casino.   We also mentioned that the McDonalds located there was in severe need of a cleaning and better service.  Then we heard it was closed.  We cannot say we will miss it.

It looks like they gutted it completely, everything is gone, the signs, the booths, etc.

There is an empty spot on the outside of the Casino where they tore the McDonalds sign down.  Perhaps something interesting will go in the empty space soon.     

Yet as of the last week of January they still haven't had someone climb way up and take it off the other side of the Hotel.  

With the closing of the McDonalds at the Edgewater and the earlier closing of Sbarro and Nathan's, that leaves only the new Capriotti's on the Casino floor as a spot to eat.  Unless you want to count the Coffee, etc.  and  Yogurt-A-Go-Go which are farther down the hall by the elevators to the hotel rooms.  Downstairs is still Coco's, the Hickory Pit, and the Grand Buffet.   

In spite of the low quality (our opinion) the Buffet still remains popular.  Probably due to the low price.  

This is one buffet we would not wait in line to get into, at any price.  As we said before, perhaps this will be improved sometime in the near future too.  We hope so.  

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  2. Have never tried Del Taco. Best suggestion we heard so far (on our facebook page) was Chipotle. Share your suggestions on our page at

  3. A good fish and chips place: or An English style pub

  4. another good fast food place that will have good food, like an "Arby's"

  5. Yes. I vote for Del Taco too. I hope they will agree on that. But I'm still angry about them changing the Subarro's Pizza. That sucked.

  6. Sbarro's was good, loved the 9.99 whole pizza special. But Capriotti's in that space is great.

  7. McD's had two good things: breakfast and McRibs. With them gone, a quick cheap breakfast anywhere close is gone with it. Agreed, the buffet horrible, however, breakfast is cheap and it's hard for even them to screw up eggs and bacon.

  8. If its a Del Taco...please let it be like the one in in
    Lenwood off the 15..that place actually uses fresh meat in the hard shell tacos..with real cheese...if you been to a regular know hat I mean.