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Apr 18, 2014

River Run 2014 Rules, Traffic, Parking and Common Sense!


Tropicana Laughlin during River Run 2013

River Run week is one of the busiest times of the year in Laughlin.   There are only a few rules and reminders to make it safe and a fun enjoyable time for everyone.

General Rules:

• No glass or cans permitted on Casino Drive. All beverages must be in plastic. 
• No nudity is permitted.  
• A curfew for minors (18 years of age and under) will be in effect from 6 p.m. until 5 a.m. Thursday through Sunday.
• Nevada's  mandatory helmet law will be strictly enforced.

Keep the helmet law in mind as you may be crossing borders in the Tri-State area.  Helmets are required in Nevada and California. They are not required in Arizona.  They are also not required at the Avi Casino or the surrounding Fort Mojave Indian Reservation.  

Lane-splitting (motorcyclists riding between cars) is illegal in both Nevada and Arizona, whereas it is legal in California.

No sandals or flip flop type shoes should be worn while on a motorcycle.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lt. John Healy has said they will have 154 officers working every day Wednesday through Sunday of River Run.   Last year there was some grumbling about the large police presence but in reality they are only there to keep it safe and allow everyone to have fun.  Common sense and following a few basic rules can ensure this will happen.   

The commander of the Laughlin Metro police substation said that officers will have the discretion to issue citations or warnings.  He said last year the number of arrests decreased but the number of misdemeanor citations increased.   
Other things to keep in mind:

  • Most if not all of the establishments and Casinos have a strict "No Colors" policy.  Each property may have specific rules so check with them.  In general also no weapons, chemical agents, etc are not allowed.
  • Parking and Traffic gets to be difficult at times.  Be aware of pedestrians and bikes everywhere.  
  • Keep in mind that there is a concert on Thursday and Saturday at the Laughlin Event Center located just up from Casino Drive across from the Edgewater.  Traffic will be even heavier. During the concert they close Bruce Woodbury (the street the Event center is located on) between Casino Drive and Thomas Edison.   

Other Tips:  
  • Bikers can obtain parking spots at reserved parking sections at most of the casinos.  They even offer reserved, secured lots (for a fee).  
  • Space for cars is at a premium, and garages may fill up fast.  Valet is usually limited to only guests of the hotel and can fill up quickly.  
  • Other parking spots include the Outlet Mall.  This again may fill up fast, though in the past two years, we have had no problem getting a spot when getting there early enough.   The mall does have a notice on their sign saying, FREE Event Parking.  
  • Sprinkled sporadically around the strip in past years there have also been "Bait Bikes" to deter theft. 

  • Finally, please do not drink and drive or drive and text.   

Public Transportation The local bus, Silver Rider Transit’s fixed route buses 777 and 888 will not provide service on Casino Drive Friday, April 25, and Saturday, April 26, from 3 p.m. until midnight, due to the Laughlin River Run. Instead, riders can use the continuous shuttle service that will operate on Casino Drive. Riders can catch the shuttle at any bus stop on Casino Drive and then connect with either the 777 or 888 buses at the gas station across from Harrah’s or at the bus garage, located adjacent to the Colorado River Food Bank and up the hill from the Chamber of Commerce building. The shuttle is not a free service: Normal bus fares will apply.  

*All content in this blog post are presented for entertainment and informational purposes only. Dates, times, and events are subject to change by the owner/vendor/property in charge of the events. We received no compensation from the properties, events, sponsors, groups, organizations, or restaurants mentioned or pictured in this blog post and are not in any way affiliated with them. 

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