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Jun 11, 2014

Medical Marijuana Dispensary one step closer in Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada


Anthony Marnell III is out and Robert Black in as majority owner.

After three days of hearings the Clark County Commissioners approved 18 applicants to go forward in the process to get approval for a medical marijuana dispensary in the county.

Former gaming executive Randy Black, is now the majority owner of Clear River LLC.  His company hopes to open the only dispensary in Laughlin.

Randy Black 
(LV Review Journal photo)
Black retired last year as chief operating officer at Mesquite Gaming. He no longer has direct ties, a license or investment to or in the gaming industry. However, according to the Laughlin Times, his address of record is listed as  222 Via Marnell Way in Las Vegas.  This is the home of Marnell Properties.

Anthony Marnell III - last month
Anthony Marnell III was originally the majority owner of Clear River LLC. He is the CEO of M Casino and Marnell Gaming who own and operate the Edgewater and Colorado Belle Casinos in Laughlin  At that time Randy Black held just 10% of the company.  After the the Nevada Gaming Division came up with the ruling that involvement with medical marijuana industry could affect gaming licensees, the ownership of Clear River LLC changed. Robert Black now holds 92 percent of the company with the other 8 percent is jointly owned by Norton Arbeleaz and John Kocer’s Arbko, LLC.     See original background info here from May

1975 Casino Drive
Clear River LLC is looking at putting the dispensary at 1975 Casino Drive, in a building owned by Marnell.  Currently there is a cigarette factory/vapor lounge in it. The location is basically adjacent to two prominent features of Laughlin-- the Prime Outlet Mall and the Laughlin Event Center.  It is directly across from the Edgewater Casino. 

The 18 applicants now have to be vetted by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health agency.

Do you think a medical marijuana dispensary on Casino Drive is a good idea?  While we are not opposed to this facility, marijuana is still illegal under federal law and the Nevada gaming commission is treading lightly by not allowing license holders to be involved. Yet, Laughlin is going to have one dead center on the Casino strip?

Will a dispensary located in Laughlin potentially increase problems with theft, crimes, or other security issues? Will it hurt tourism? Will a certain segment of the tourists and visitors to the area see this in a negative light?  Perhaps other locations such as at the (half empty) Town Center strip mall 4 miles up the road would be a better spot.

Yes, Laughlin does need new businesses, we are just not sure this is the right one for this location at this time. Certainly the dispensary will bring people to town from the Tri-State area but at what cost or benefit?  MMJ is big business and Clear River LLC is sure to benefit. It remains to be seen how it will impact the tourism and economics in Laughlin.

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  1. Nevada voters approved the use of medical marijuana in 2000; that law gave individuals holding a valid registration card the right to possess one ounce of usable medical marijuana, as well as three mature plants and four immature plans. Thanks.
    Adam L.