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Jul 18, 2014

Back "home" to Laughlin

After a week of various personal, business and some recreational time in Las Vegas returning home to Laughlin was wonderful.  As much as we love Vegas, the comparative peace and relaxation of Laughlin is nice to get back to.  

We have always found the drive very fast an easy.  When people in Vegas hear we live in Laughlin so many of them think it is a long way.  Speed limits are high and generally traffic is light once you get past Railroad Pass.  Views are nice of the desert and mountains.   Be sure to make sure your car, battery and tires are well maintained for the drive.  The hot desert heat can take a toll on them.  And bring extra water just in case you have any kind of a problem and have to stop and wait for assistance.

There is very little between the two places.  About midway you reach Searchlight, which has a couple small Casino's, gas, a McDonald's, and a convenience store.   There is also a multi million dollar rest stop after that.   Usually we do the drive without stopping.  This last time someone just had to make a pit stop and we pulled into the Nugget Casino (no relation to the Golden Nugget).  Their sign advertised 10 cent coffee, which we passed on.  Inside were just a handful of people and a couple dozen very old slot and video machines, a bar, and a pool table.  Plus a giant (dusty) sized chair in the corner.   No one seemed very friendly in there and we got in and out quickly during our first and last stop there ever.

Nugget Casino in Searchlight, Nevada

Searchlight is sort of a speed trap but they warn you on the way in.   Bright flashing lights announce that the 25mph speed limit is strictly enforced.  You would be surprised how many people fly by them only to be stopped for a ticket. 

Pictures of the final part of the drive into Laughlin.  

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