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Jul 3, 2014

Wild Style Burgers & Pizza Now Open in Edgewater Casino

Laughlin, NV

Update:  See note at end of post regarding the 8-8-14 restaurant inspection results

Earlier this week the Wild Style Burgers & Pizza quietly opened in the Edgewater Casino.  This new spot is located on the Casino floor in the space previously occupied by McDonald's.

When we walked past it was too early to try a Burger or Pizza.  At least for us, though there was already a line and people waiting for their order.

The menu is posted on the wall behind the counter.  They did not have any printed menus.  We would of like to have been able to grab one to go.  To our surprise they also offer breakfast until 11am.    

The menu declares their burgers are freshly ground filet and 4 oz. per patty, served on a Kaiser roll.
  • One Single burger $3.99
  • Deuce Double stack $4.99
  • Triplet An awesome 3 patty burger $5.99

They have a burger fixings bar where there appeared to be a good choice of do it yourself free toppings for the burger you choose. This includes 3 secret sauces.

Applewood Smoked Bacon, American or Swiss Cheese, Sauteed Onions or Mushrooms are also available for an additional charge. 

Burger Combo's look like a pretty good deal  
  •  Deuce · Fries · Soft Drink for $8.50  
  •  Deuce · Fries · Draft Beer for $10.99

Two types of draft beer are (currently) available at $4.25  and Shakes for $3.25

Pizza is by the slice or whole pizza.  They had just put a couple fresh Pizzas out under the heat lamps.  These are the ones they sell by the slice. They looked fairly good and we look forward to trying them soon.

Slices are very large given then slice the 18 inch pizza into 6 wedges and each wedge is an individual slice.
  • Cheese Slice – $3.49 
  • 1 & 2 Topping Slice – $3.99
  • 3 or more Topping Slice  – $4.49
Whole Pizza
  • 18” Cheese Pie – $16.99 
  • 18” 1 or 2 Topping Pie – $19.99
  • 18” Pie (3 + toppings) – $22.99
Pizza prices seem OK, especially by the slice.  Though we had hoped to see something like the old year round "Summer Special" of $9.99 for a large cheese pizza previously offered at Sbarro before they closed at the Edgewater.  Time will tell if Wild Style Pizza is better.

Don't want a burger or Pizza?   We always say go with the theme of the restaurant but if you must they also have a Chicken Sandwich for $5.99 or a Grilled Cheese for $3.99

See the entire menu here (including the breakfast options).  

Seating area

Meanwhile over at Capriotti's on the other side of the Casino floor there were no customers.  Seems everyone wanted to try the new spot.  Neither place is really a competition to the other and once the newness of Wild Style wears off, Capriotti's will be as busy as usual. The two spots have very different menu's and will probably attract a different type of customer.  It is nice to see a new place open.

Current hours are:
Sunday through Thursday 7AM - Midnight
Friday - Saturday 7AM - 2AM

Already we heard from several people who said they loved the Burgers.  No word thus far on the Pizza or Breakfast.  

Have you been to Wild Style?  
Send us your review by clicking here. 
We would love to hear it!

Update:  8-14-2014

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