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Jul 28, 2014

Making Casino Drive Beautiful

Laughlin, Nevada

Update:  November 11th progress on the Make-Over

After several years of waiting, the "beautification" of Casino Drive in Laughlin is about to begin.  

Construction will include:

  • installation of new shrubbery and an irrigation system for them.  
  • landscaping with decorative rocks, boulders and accent walls
  • sculptures and kinetic art

This will emcompass all of Casino Drive from arrah’s on the south end to Hwy 163 on the north side.

Costruction will only take place 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday) from 6am-4:30pm.Although most of the work will be in the center of Casino Drive, occasional lane closures will take place during work hours.   Work is expected to continue until mid November.

A re-paving project is also going to be happening at the same time from Thomas Edison Drive from an area south of Bruce Woodbury Drive and continuing north to Civic Drive.  Even today, July 28th, some work had begun on this, with crews present and stop signs instead of traffic lights at that intersection.

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  1. We think the artwork is weird - it is a distraction to drivers beautiful it is not - plants will be fine.

  2. We think the artwork is atrocious - the plants will be nice - but the artwork is liable to cause some accidents lol!