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Jul 6, 2015

Hibachi Buffet in Bullhead City, Arizona

Laughlin, NV   Bullhead City, AZ

Hibachi Buffet

Once in awhile we cross the border from Laughlin, Nevada into Bullhead City (Arizona) for lunch or dinner.  After hearing several raves about the newly opened, Hibachi Buffet we had to stop in one evening. 

The Food

As an All You Can Eat Buffet it has a fairly big selection of items ranging from standard Chinese Buffet items, to Sushi, to a Mongolian Grill section.   Plus a standard salad bar, dessert section, ice cream machine, and even a chocolate fountain.

We went when it was busy so they were quickly putting out fresh food whenever the bins were empty.   Four of us were together so we tried just about everything among the group.  The quality was a definite improvement over the previous occupant (the China Buffet).    The Mongolian grill was the best part.  You choose what you want from the items and they grill it fresh for you.  It seemed most of the patrons when we were there preferred the other parts of the buffet.

The desserts were the worst part, but who has room for dessert if you go to a buffet?
The ice cream was more like frozen ice milk.  The other items were the typical mass produced Chinese Buffet desserts, which are usually tasteless.  They had fruit you could skewer to dip in the chocolate fountain, but NO strawberries among the choices.  We didn't see anyone use it

The Prices

Ranging from $7.99 for lunch to $10.99 depending on what time and day you go, the prices are a good value.  Drinks are extra.  For four of us (4 buffets and 4 drinks) the tab was 52 dollars.  We would recommend going for lunch or if you like being an early bird, get in there just before 3:40PM, which is when it switches to dinner pricing.   You can also get take-out and are charged by the pound.

Prices and menu subject to change by owner.  Current as of this posting. 

The Service

As soon as you walk in you have to pay and then go to the hostess stand.   Friendliness was missing, it sort of felt like we were in a cattle call.   The staff that came to the table was also indifferent to guests dining (not just just to us).

The entire inside of the dining area has been remodeled since it's China Buffet days and looked fine, with both booths and tables available.   It was much nicer than before.    

 If you are looking for an alternative to Panda Express and want more selections or a lot of food, check out Hibachi Buffet.   It's not gourmet Chinese (but neither is Panda) but it is good for the price, especially at lunch. 

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