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Jul 25, 2015

Pioneer, Change The Lightbulbs!

Laughlin, Nevada

Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall   (the Pioneer Casino)

The Riverwalk by the Pioneer is one of our favorite spots to walk, especially early morning or in the evening.  The sun rising or setting and the lights from the path and the River Rick Cowboy sign create an enjoyable walk.

The walk is lined by wooden rails, there is an outlook point, and a small beach area.

In the Best of Laughlin survey the Pioneer won the Best Riverwalk area award. can be better, with a few simple fixes and some additional pride in the appearance.

For over 4 years there has been a problem with burned out light bulbs on the Riverwalk path.   We have never walked this path without a good number of them being burned out.  Not just 1 or 2, either.

The other day we were walking from the Colorado Belle to the Golden Nugget and out of curiosity did a rough count of how many were burned out.  Don't quote us on the exact number because some may have been missed. 

The light bulbs are easy to access by simply removing a few screws, lifting the globe, and replacing it.   Can't they have someone check and replace these once a week, if needed?

The light bulbs they appear to be using the long lasting energy saving bulbs.  So change them and forget about them for a long time.

Only one Globe was missing and should also be replaced.   You can see the type of bulbs being used and the screws that simply attach the globes over the bulbs.  These are very easy to change.

The first set of lights were completely burned out and had some trash hanging off of them.

These are roughly the numbers of burned out lights on this path. 

On the side closest to the River:
25 of the 99 lights were burned out.

On the side closest to the Hotel:
25 of 90 lights were burned out.

Total  50 lights out of 189 were out.  That is over 25%. 

Only three of the globes were missing or damaged and could also be something one of the employees checks on weekly.  

Also, the clock is never the correct time.  In fact, we don't even know if it works.  This should also be fixed.

One last thing.  The entrance to the Riverwalk from the Pioneer (on the Colorado Belle side) is like a junk yard.   This short path to the Riverwalk is a real eyesore as an entrance.

The rustic old west themed sign still needs a paint tough up and some framing.  Plus graffiti is now present on it.  Does Laughlin (or the Pioneer) really want to present the image of street graffiti for their guests and visitors to see?

It is like the Pioneer is saying go that way....but just please ignore all the junk, trash and mess you are going to pass by.

Just past the sign and before you turn the corner to the walking path where the lights are, the Pioneer generally stores junk, pallets, or things removed from the property.  This particular day there was far more junk than we remember being stored there.   But it always has been a mess.

Again, this is not a great sight for anyone about to take a walk on what was named the Best part of the Riverwalk in Laughlin.

Clean this up.  Honestly, there is no reason for it.

What would the cost be to fix all this?   

Perhaps less than $200 to change all the light bulbs.  Plus a few hundred more to clean up the entrance path and replace or touch up the sign.  Add a little paint and a better wall/gate to hide the storage and maintenance spots behind the walls.    Have an already employed staff member sweep up, check the bulbs and remove any trash regularly. 

Come on, Pioneer, you can easily make it look nice instead of feeling like a inner city alley.  

We love Laughlin and take pride in the area and community.  The Casinos and Hotels play a big part in the image that is projected.  We are sharing this only to help initiate some positive change.  To help improve the look of the area and instill some more Laughlin Pride. 

Updates will be added when or if things change. 

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