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Nov 30, 2013

Breakfast at Daniel's in the Regency

Laughlin, NV
Daniel's Restaurant in the Regency Casino

It's been a long time since we have been in the Regency Casino, not counting Burger Wednesday. Instead of hitting our usual breakfast spot in Laughlin we decided to give Daniel's Restaurant a try.

We arrived about 9am and right away noticed they were short on staff.  One person was seating people, waiting on tables, clearing tables, delivering food, and helping prepare items.  Looked like there was one cook as well.   The server said they were waiting on additional help.   Luckily, the place is small and there were only about eight tables with patrons.

At the front counter we were actually handed our silverware, napkins and menus and told to go choose wherever we felt like sitting.  This was a first, even for Laughlin.

The server was hustling to get everything done, definitely overworked, with no help.  We did get waited on fairly quickly.  Since it was a weekday we were there in time for the daily breakfast specials.  These definitely can't be beat.   We both chose the $3.50 Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes, and Toast special.   We saw other diners who ordered the Ham Steak and Pork Chop special too.  They looked very good and were huge portions (for just $4.99).

The food was good, eggs cooked right, two strips of crisp bacon, a good portion of breakfast potato, and a tasty bread as the toast (not a typical store brand slice).   All this for just $3.50!

Daniel's also has a more extensive breakfast menu, but we couldn't pass up the great specials at those prices.

Coffee was just $1.95.    Strange is the plastic cup they brought us cream in. It was like one you would get a side of dressing or sauce in. 

Either they had a shortage of individual creamer packs or no creamer dispensers.

In spite of the staff shortage, service was pretty good.  Our food came out reasonably fast and hot. For these prices and a good breakfast we will be back again.

After breakfast we touched the cow for good luck and threw $5 in a machine and hit right away for $80. This made our $12 breakfast for two an even better value!

Have you tried the Daniels?

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