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Nov 23, 2013

Riverside Riverwalk

Riverside Resort

The Riverside is where Laughlin was born.   The Riverside Casino is the 1st Hotel and Casino on Casino Drive after you cross into Nevada from Arizona.   The Laughlin Riverwalk portion of the property is well maintained, clean, safe*, and has great views of the Colorado River and Mountains.

Picture tour of the Riverwalk.  Walking from the Aquarius Casino, the Riverside Tower looms over the walk. (The McDonalds is in the Aquarius).

Often you can see fish, ducks, other birds, in the shallows of the River.  See more here.

Beaver by the Riverside

There is a slight uphill walk to reach the main part of the Riverwalk leading to the Riverside

Once you get to the top and turn, it is a straight, flat shot to the Riverside


There is a large parking lot behind the fence.  This is not accessible to or from the Riverwalk except at the end by the entrance to the Casino.   This most likely helps prevent people from parking in this lot and having a closer walk down to the other Casinos. 
Water Taxi


 The entrance/exit off the Riverwalk to the Riverside

If you pass the gate and keep going the Riverwalk heads down a incline to the lower level of the Riverside

 Unfortunately, this underbelly portion of the Riverwalk has a crowded, smelly, dirty feel to it.  Various delivery and employee vehicles use the road that runs along the sidewalk.  In addition, this is seemingly the break area for Riverside employees and a heavy smoking area.   This is the only property we have seen where they allow the employees to do this right on the Riverwalk. The Water Taxi and Riverside Cruise also dock right nearby, so although it is not as visible as the other sections, many people come down there. 



Old Murals depict various images from Laughlin's past



Once you get past the smoking and docking area there is another slight uphill walk to the other side of the Riverside.  Views are still nice. 

At this point the Riverwalk ends but you can continue on the sidewalk beside the parking lot.

This leads right along the river, through Fisherman's Access Park, The Avenue of Flags, and all the way to the Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge.   This is a very nice section and with lawn and grass during the spring-summer seasons.   

Below are more posts about other parts of the Riverwalk. 

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*The Riverwalk has always seemed very safe to us.  At night there is some wildlife, just respect them and don't feed them.  If you have small children, keep an eye on them through this section of the Riverwalk.  Some of the railings have large spaces and we have seen a few children come close to falling through.  It is a very long drop to the River below. 

All depictions, descriptions, and information was current at the time of posting and is subject to change by the properties involved.   We have no affiliation with and receive no compensation from the properties mentioned.

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