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Aug 17, 2013

A Quick Coffee at Duet in the Aquarius Casino Resort

Duet Coffee and Wine at the Aquarius was still having the final touches on it completed when we stopped by on the day they were supposed to open.   Today we only had a few minutes but cut through the Aquarius Casino Resort to see the new place and grab a coffee.  

Keep in mind this is just a first impression, quick spin we took through Duet.  When we have more time we will get down there and try the food and wine as well.   The coffee and latte were good.  Pricing was similar to that of Starbucks, perhaps a bit less expensive.

A sign outside the cafe indicated it was the Grand Opening, although we did not see any Grand Opening specials or event.

Our first impression was we didn't really care for the orange in the color scheme.  The space is nice and open and clean.   They extended the entrance out on to the Casino floor enough to fit in a few tables behind ropes.  Looks like they were going for the patio look.

This misses a bit as a patio because it faces and looks out toward the Jewelry vendor, a few slot machines and the high limit slots section wall.  Plus the patio is right in front of one of the main pathways, so one will have a lot of people walking by if they sit there.

The layout is similar to the old Starbucks, just different tables, tables, and wall murals.  Minus the comfy couch, easy chairs, and some of the bench seats that Starbucks had.  The chairs weren't super comfortable. We would of expected something classier looking (for the wine motif) or more comfortable (for the coffee house feel).   It is hard to do both at the same time though.

They have two large display cases.  One is glass covered containing selections you can order.  The other is open with items like muffins and other treats that you can apparently grab.  These are wrapped in plastic wrap.  A better idea would of been to have another nice, glass case where the selections were nicely displayed and could be requested (similar to the newly opened Poolside Cafe at the Tropicana).

Coffee seems to be the star of Duet.  Both in placement and on the menu posted behind the counter on the wall.  Wine appears to be relegated to the back wall.  Wine is located opposite the display cases, ordering, and checkout area.  There are two (self service?) wine boxes, each with 4 bottles and types of wine to choose from.  A small counter contains wine glasses next to it.  From what we could tell on a quick look the procedure is to insert your credit card into the machine and select your wine.  Looks like a wine vending machine? We did not have time to find out more about how this works or if you could order wine at the counter as well.   Apparently wine is available by the glass or bottle.  We would be surprised if very many patrons are going to buy a bottle of wine and a cheese platter and sit there.  Perhaps we underestimate the preferences of the Casino resort crowd.

We did not see any menus outlining the breakfast, lunch, or other food choices.  Or a wine list.  This doesn't mean they don't have them.  They may have just not been prominently noticeable.   It seemed you had to peer into the cases to see what was available and then tell the server what you wanted to order.  Here is a link to the drink (not including wine) menu that is posted. 

For a weekend the place wasn't really busy.   Time will tell how popular Duet will be.  Our first impression is they should of kept Starbucks.   We will be back to try everything again soon. Hopefully with some good thoughts to share.   On a final note:   ++  Free WiFi ++  definitely a plus!

Hours are currently:  Sunday through Thursday, 6am to 11pm   Friday & Saturday, 6am to Midnight.

Have you tried Duet?   Agree or Disagree with us?

Share your comments below, thank you!  


  1. Great photos! It's a beautiful places hope to visit this place soon.

    Brian Head Resort

  2. Thank you, drop by our facebook page and say hello, share a pic or two when you visit