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Aug 31, 2013

Cheese and Wine in Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

A group of us finally had a chance to try more than just a quick coffee at Duet - Coffee and Wine in the Aquarius Resort Casino.  

There is no menu for the food choices.  You simply look at what is available in the display cases and ask for what you would like to order.  Several different types of sandwiches are available, plus many delicious looking desserts.  This time we chose to try the Cheese-Fruit-Meat plate with Wine.  Next time we will try some of the desserts.

Cheese-Meat-Fruit Platters

The plates come in two sizes.  The larger one is $19.99 and the smaller one was $7.99.  The small one was easily enough for 2-3 people.  The larger one would probably be good for 4-6.   These are prepared in advance and taken out of the display case. We know this because one morning when getting a coffee, two of the staff were busily putting them together behind the counter.  

The smaller cheese, fruit, meat plate

They have a nice assortment of cheese, meat, olives, strawberries, berries, grapes, baguette slices of bread and crackers.  Plus some dried fruit and a small plastic cup of crunchy snacks.   Everything was fresh and very good except for the dried fruit.  This was very chewy in a hard way, difficult to bite.  We couldn't really determine what fruit some of it was either.  One seemed to resemble a prune and perhaps the other was apricot.  The cheeses and meats were surprisingly better than we thought they would be.  One person compared them to that which they had gotten in Vegas at Paris on their breakfast.  

The cup of crunchy stuff seemed out of place and didn't work with the rest of the platter either.  One suggestion is that they should perhaps partially prepare the platter with everything except the bread and crackers.  Then add those when an order is placed.  Ours were just a bit moist or soggy due to sitting with the rest of the items and being kept cool.  

There are 8 selections of wine.  Four in each of the two wine dispensers.  You can also buy a whole bottle if you want, though we did not see the pricing for this.   We haven't seen a set up like this before.  You purchase a wine card (see pictures below) and the cashier loads your card.  For instance if you bought $15 worth of wine, you could dispense that much from the machines.  The wine is sold by the ounce and varies in price, depending on which kind you choose.   The wine bottles are in the dispensing machine with a tube.  You select the wine you want and the amount you want.   Once you make your choice it dispenses into the glass you place underneath.  

Wine Dispensers

The Patio of Duet at the Aquarius Resort Casino

A couple can easily have a couple glasses of wine each and the small cheese platter for under $25. We thought it was good quality, something different, and pretty good value.   Give it a try and see what you think.  The sandwiches seemed popular to several other people there.  Definitely a step up from Subway right next door.   Coffee and dessert are also a good choice.  

If you have tried Duet, share your experiences with us in the comments below.  We would love to hear them. 

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