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Aug 30, 2013

Loading Dock Bar and Grille at Colorado Belle

Update:  The Loading Dock Bar and Grille opened on February 20, 2014.  Go here to see pictures and the menu for the Loading Dock at the Colorado Belle.

Many big and good changes are going on at the Colorado Belle Casino in Laughlin.  The latest is the start of construction for their new Loading Dock Bar and Grille.  This is going to feature Southwestern cuisine, two bars, patio dining and live entertainment. Location will be at the bow (thus the Loading Dock name) of the Belle.  Initial plans called for over 12,000 square feet of space and a working lighthouse. Best off all access to the Loading Dock will be right off the Riverwalk.

Riverwalk between the Edgewater Casino and Colorado Belle Casino

Sign on the wall by the construction - Loading Dock Bar and Grille

The walkway between the Casino floor and one of the hotel towers is being demolished to make way for the new Loading Dock Bar and Grille construction.    See a video clip of the construction and pictures here and at the end of this entry. 

The empty Moat in this section of the property

 The Koi fish (Carp) in this section have been safely moved to the other
section of the moat.   See the clip/photo from the Laughlin Times below.

Upstairs (as of August 30, 2013) only the Captains Buffet and Mark Twain's Restaurant remain.  The Gallery Cafe, Tortillas and Mangia all closed.  The gift shop relocated to the Casino floor.  During construction the stairs going down to the Casino and outside at that end of the property are now closed.  Have heard rumors that Mark Twain's will also be closing.  Get your all you can eat chicken and ribs now!

Update:  February 2014.  Both the Captain's Buffet and Mark Twains have now closed. 

Part of the outside deck of the Colorado Belle is closed during construction. 

The normal location for the various outdoor festivals that the Edgewater and Colorado Belle hold is being moved.  Usually they are on the Riverwalk between the two Casinos.  Now they will be in Colorado Belle's Center Circle (located in front of the parking lot).   The Italian Festival is up next. 

Video and Pictures taken recently of the Construction 

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