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Oct 11, 2013

Cove Bar and Lounge Revisited

We have been frequent visitors to the Cove Bar and Lounge in the Aquarius Resort Casino in Laughlin, NV.  Great drinks and appetizers.   See a previous review from June here.

One night we had a handful of comps for the Cove.  You get these weekly based on your play and Green or Red ACEPLay card.   See  Aceplay.Com (this is the players card for the Aquarius).

Three of us were seated promptly.  We have always had great service at the Cove.  Tonight, sadly, was the exception.  It took our server, Jacqulyn, about 10 minutes to come to the table.  After browsing the menus we waited and watched game on the TV and the horses running on the screens in the nearby sportsbook. The lounge was only moderately full.  

We decided to try and share three apps we haven't had before.

Shrimp Cocktail  $9 for four jumbo, very fresh shrimp.  Excellent, rivaled the nice Shrimp Cocktail they serve at the Steakhouse in the Tropicana Laughlin.

Steak Salad   $12  Again, nice and fresh, a mix of iceberg and romaine.  The grilled steak (rib eye) was tender and delicious.  The Gorgonzola cheese vinaigrette was very good. 

Gourmet Pizza  $11 for a cheese Pizza, additional toppings in a build your own format for extra charge. 
We went with the basic cheese.  This is a nice size pizza, thick crust style.  The cheese was good, nicely cooked.  We weren't, however, overly impressed with the sauce or the flavor of the crust.  It was good, just not great.  In truth, if looking for Pizza this won't be a repeat order for us.  Many people seem to enjoy it as on all our visits it appears to be ordered quite often by guests. 

See the menu for other appetizers and drinks at the end of this post.   

Drinks were wonderful as usual.  As already stated service not so much.   A new favorite tried by one of us was the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini   

Our waitress to put it bluntly was slow and unfriendly.  When she finally asked if we wanted another drink and one was ordered she disappeared and never brought it out.  In fact, we sat waiting for her to do so and she never came back to the table long after we had finished the apps and drinks we had.  

Dishes sat piling up and we again were relegated to watching TV waiting.  We were going to cancel the drink if she did show up with it, but instead she finally came over with the check (no drink).    She didn't take the dishes or ask if we wanted a box for the leftover pizza (we did not).  This was a 180 degree turnaround from the service we have normally had at the Cove.  Hopefully, it was just a one time occurrence from this particular server. It did leave a bad impression and had it been our first visit we wouldn't of been as willing to overlook it.  

Three apps and three drinks came to 60 dollars even.  We still recommend the Cove for some good appetizers and drinks.  There is seating on the side of the bar by the sportsbook and also a section on the other side of the bar looking out the windows on the Riverwalk at the Colorado River.

App Menu and Drink Menu for the Cove*  

*as always items and pricing subject to change

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  1. Comped, it's a nice spot for Laughlin.

    I bet a majority of the customers are using comp coupons and that may be one of the big reasons the service has deteriorated.

    $60 is pushing it for a cash customer. Laughlin desperately needs a middle of the road bar with food and with friendly drink pricing.

    Don Jr.

  2. Thank you for the comment. The tab of $60 for three very good appetizers and 3 of the premium drinks seemed fairly reasonable since the quality is very good. Agreed though, it seems like the times we have visited about 3/4 of the customers had comps as Green or Red AcePlay members. Perhaps the new Loading Dock being built at the Colorado Belle will be a part of the niche you mention.