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Oct 21, 2013

Outside of Gold Rush Villa Looking Good

Golden Nugget Laughlin
Laughlin, Nevada

Gold Rush Villa

We were pleased to see the Golden Nugget cleaned up the shoreline area on the Riverwalk just outside their new Gold Rush Villa.   This was a tangle of overgrowth, weeds, trees, and bushes that practically obscured the river view.  Now it looks great, not only for those who rent the Villa but to anyone walking along that section of the Riverwalk.  Music is even piped in from the "Rock speakers" sprinkled along the walk.

*Now if only "someone" would clean up the next section of the RiverWalk beyond the Golden Nugget....but that is a story for another day.

The Colorado River from the RiverWalk
Newly Cleaned up Shoreline 

The "end" of the Golden Nugget section of the RiverWalk

Rock Speakers 

Below are just a few photos taken of the exterior part of the Gold Rush Villa.    For the first time we noticed it was occupied (on the weekend of the Toby Keith concert).  

Gold Rush Villa - Outside Windows overlooking the River

Gold Rush Villa as seen from the RiverWalk

 Here is a link to the official press release about the Gold Rush Villa   (pdf file, opens in a new window)

For pictures of the interior and more details see this post from Vegas Chatter:

Will You Stay At Golden Nugget's New Villa... In Laughlin?

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