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Oct 23, 2013

Laughlin RiverWalk: The River Palms

Walking along the Laughlin RiverWalk is one of the things we love to do when visiting Casino Drive.

RiverWalk by the River Palms

The part of the RiverWalk by the River Palms Hotel and Casino is one of our favorites.  Located at one "end", it is the final leg of the walkway that starts at the Riverside Resort Casino.  This section is the most secluded from the other parts but is not very far beyond the Golden Nugget.   Plus you get to see the infamous Laughlin Monkey Statues if you come up past the Nugget.

During the past year they repaved the sidewalks, painted the fencing and made the entire area look very nice.

Colorado River

There are great views of the Colorado River and mountains on one side, and green grass, palm trees, and even some pine trees complete with pine cones on the other side.

The walk is spacious, wide open, clean, nicely landscaped and runs right past the hotel, bottom floor of the Casino, Denny's and just up the steps the pool area.

River Palms Hotel Tower

It extends all the way to the official end of the RiverWalk.    The walk does not extend to Harrah's Laughlin, which can be seen over the rocks and hill.    Recently a sign has been placed at the end, indicating no Trespassing/Private Property beyond the end of the sidewalk.  Previously, quite often we saw people back there exploring.  Plus a few snakes sunning themselves.  We don't recommend venturing past the end now, especially since it is posted.

Coming to the end of the RiverWalk

End of RiverWalk.  Harrrah's can be seen in the distance.

Be careful at night, every time we have been out there we have seen skunks and raccoons.  Don't feed them and avoid them and they should leave you alone.  The last time a family of raccoons kept coming toward us so we had to quickly give them the right of way and cut into the Casino.

The Laughlin River Taxi also makes a stop right at the River Palms.  Tickets can be purchased one way or an all day pass.


The sale of the River Palms to M1 Gaming out of Reno is pending.  With any luck the new owners will continue to make their part of the RiverWalk a jewel on their property.    Subscribe or join our blog to keep up to date with anything new at the River Palms or other events in Laughlin.

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