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Oct 12, 2013

Das Beer Fest at Colorado Belle

Das Beer Fest
Laughlin, Nevada

Oct. 11-13th 2013

We haven't had an opportunity to drop any of the recent "fests" that the Colorado Belle / Edgewater Casino hold from time to time.    Due to the construction in progress of the Loading Dock Bar and Grille, the Das Beer Fest was moved from the Riverwalk to the Center Circle (just in front of the Colorado Belle).

This year two bands are performing, alternating hourly with a short break between sets.   We were only able stop briefly on Saturday early in the afternoon. We did manage to catch a couple songs by each band. Sadly, we didn't even have time to grab a cold beer or try the food!  

Both bands were entertaining with oompa and polka music.

The Dummkoph's (out of Las Vegas)

Below is a video of two of their songs

The Matterhorns

Classic German food like Brats are available for purchase, plus a nice selection of Oktoberfest beer, Imported Beer, and a couple selections from Pints Brewery.    T-shirts were available for $10.

Prices seemed reasonable.  Except perhaps for the Soft Drinks.  $3 is a bit of a gouge, in our opinion.  How about 2 max, and maybe 1 dollar or 1.50 for water.

We didn't think the switch of venue for the fest would be ideal but we liked it better.  Everything is more central rather than spaced out along the Riverwalk.   The bar with seating is a good feature, and overall there is more seating available.  We did miss the scenic River as the backdrop though.

Another good change was the discontinuation of the need to buy tickets to redeem at the food and drink stands.  Pay as you buy now.   Hopefully this remains in place for future festivals.

The weather was beautiful on Saturday, not too hot, no wind.  The last day for the Das Beer Fest for this year is Sunday, October 13th from noon until about 6pm.  

No smoking or no outside ice chests/coolers allowed.



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