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May 8, 2015

A Visit to the Old Town Saloon - Laughlin

Laughlin, NV

Old Town Saloon and Blaze N Blues BBQ 

The Drinks

We only had a few beers at the bar while we played and ate.   Looks like a full bar, with specials at times.  Like Thirsty Thursday 75 cent draft domestic beer*.   Video poker/keno machines are on the bar and drinks are comped while you play.  

The Atmosphere

They are now a "Country" saloon, with various Live Bands.  This was our first visit and the place was fairly empty with a few people having a drink and the bar and one couple eating at one of the tables. Pool Tables and Darts are available.   Sometime when a band is playing we will have to stop back and see how the place changes.  For now, and from what others have told us, it seems fairly quiet. Especially earlier in the day/evening. 

The Food

Besides seeing what it looked like, we specifically stopped to grab a bite to eat one late afternoon. 
The Blaze N Blues BBQ is located inside the Old Town Saloon. 
We weren't sure what to order so we went with the Sampler platter and a second order of the Pulled Pork Sliders. We were surprised that the BBQ Taquito Spears were the best part of the Sampler.

Sampler Platter
The Baby Back Ribs were pretty good and with a nice BBQ sauce that didn't overwhelm the ribs. Unfortunately, the ribs were served at room temperature.  Not sure why and didn't want to send them back.  They ribs weren't the fall of the bone type we expected but had good flavor. The Tater Poppers and Crispy Pickle Chips were just average and would pass on them next time. The Pulled Pork Sliders were the best of everything we tried.  These would be worth getting again on another visit. 
Prices were decent. Combined with a a few comped beers while playing video poker/keno while snacking at the bar and it's a good deal. Unless you lose, which we did.  Can't win every time!
If you like BBQ we recommend giving them a try.   We want to sample some of the other BBQ items and the ribs again (hot ones hopefully). 
Service for food was good, fast and friendly. You order at the window and go pick it up when they call you. Friendliness from the bartender -- not so much. Maybe our group didn't seem "local" enough? Will probably go back sometime to try some of the other BBQ items and the ribs again (hot ones hopefully). 
*Ribs are only available Thurs-Sun  according to their current menu. 

Pulled Pork Sliders

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