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May 19, 2015

Yogi's Picnic Basket Open In Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

Update:  June 2015
Made another visit to Yogi's in the Outlet Mall in Laughlin.  Very good again.  Favorite item is the Cowboy Tacos (Beef Brisket).   Very friendly owners and very enthusiastic about providing good food at a good price.   The menu (even though it is not on the one pictured below) also includes the Brisket or Pulled Pork as a Sandwich instead of just as a Taco.  

Yogi's Coffee and Sandwiches (and Smoothies) also opened in the space next to Yogi's Picnic Basket

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Smoking the BBQ in the parking lot of the outlet mall. 

Here is our Earlier Review below: 

Yogi's Picnic Basket  -  Now open at the Laughlin Outlet Mall in the Food Court area.

Yogi's Picnic Basket has taken the space previously occupied by the Rice Garden at the Laughlin Outlet Mall.   We had a chance to sample a few of the items from their short but sweet menu.

Three of us shared the Red Neck Tacos (2 for $9) featuring Pulled Pork and the Cowboy Tacos (2 for $10) which was filled with Beef Brisket. Both were delicious.  They were worth the price and are good sized.  Eating two alone would be very filling.  We added the onions, jalapenos and tomato but those are optional (and were very fresh).    .  
Red Neck and Cowboy Tacos

We also share one order of the "Piggy Mac", which we were told is one of their best sellers (in the very short time they have been open).  This was very good, filled with the same pulled pork and a very nice mac and cheese (made with Penne type pasta) mixed in the grilled sandwich.

The PiggyMac does have a bite (spicy) to it.  The sauce used with the pulled pork must be one of the hotter ones.  It wouldn't hurt to ask if they can substitute the sweet-tangy one in the sandwich.  Not sure if they can or if it is pre-mixed.  

The pulled pork in the taco was plain and we added the sauce.  You can choose your sauce from the several types offered. 

The Sweet Tea was great and went well with what seems to be a very authentic Carolina style BBQ.

Piggy Mac  -  Pulled Pork with Mac and Cheese

The BBQ meats are cooked in a big smoker located right outside the mall.  If you go by at the right time you may wonder where the great BBQ smell is coming from outside the main entrance of the mall. 

Where the Magic Happens - Smoker in the Outlet Mall Parking Lot 

Menu (as of 5-18-2015), subject to change*
Yogi BBQ Sauce Selections
You can choose your sauce, we preferred the Southern-Tangy Sweet sauce. 

We would love to see them offer the brisket and pulled pork stand alone with some cornbread or as a sandwich instead of as just a taco. Overall we think based on one visit that Yogi's is a nice addition to the Food Court and as a choice for some good, reasonably priced food in Laughlin.  We can't wait to go back and try the other items.   

If you visit drop us a note and let us know what you thought or come by our Facebook group and share your review (the link is below).   

Update -  12/2016: Sadly, Yogi's is now closed.

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