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Jun 3, 2015

The Best Shrimp Cocktail in Laughlin?!

Laughlin, NV

Riverside Resort Casino
Sidewalk Cafe

Photo from the Riverside Resort Website 


Even though it is not priced like the old Vegas Style 99 cent Shrimp Cocktails,  the one at the Sidewalk Cafe may be even better.    It was recently the winner of the Best Shrimp Cocktail in the Laughlin Buzz "Best of Laughlin" voting.     

Until this day we had not been to the Sidewalk Cafe.  However, one afternoon as we were leaving the Riverside we stopped to try the "winning" Shrimp Cocktail.   We were pleasantly surprised.   

For just $3.50* you get a good portion of small size shrimp in a cup.  The shrimp are mixed in the cocktail sauce with a big wedge of lemon on top. But there are no fillers like lettuce, so you get plenty of shrimp.  The sauce was very good with a bite.   We liked the sauce even better than the one at the Cove Lounge (our personal favorite place for Shrimp Cocktail at 4X the price).   

Perhaps the presentation isn't the best -- the shrimp cocktail comes with three packs of saltines and is served in a plastic cup wrapped crudely in plastic wrap.   It makes up for that in taste at a very good price. 

The shrimp were very good, firm, and fresh.   

While it might not beat out the large shrimp cocktail we love at the Cove Lounge (Aquarius) as our personal favorite, it definitely is close and far less expensive.   We highly recommend it for a quick snack.  

The Sidewalk Cafe is located in the non-smoking section of the Riverside Resort.  

Their website says they are a:
24-hour deli style café offers gourmet blend coffees, 
fresh baked pastries, superb sandwiches, and everyone's favorite - ice cream!

*Menu and pricing is subject to change by the owner and was accurate at the time of our visit.

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