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Jun 27, 2015

Who has the Best Burger In Laughlin?

Laughlin, Nevada

Burger Boys
Laughlin Outlet Mall 

Burger Boys recently opened in the Laughlin Outlet Mall Food Court and has been the source of many Rave reviews in the Laughlin Buzz Facebook Group.   A short time ago the owner, Robert Hazlegrove even held a poll in the group to pick a favorite burger to be named the *Buzz Burger.

After our last two visits Burger Boys is now "Laughlin Buzz Approved".   Are they the best Burger in Laughlin?  It is very close but they are great burger at a nice price, so we would call it #1 right now.

The Burgers

Burger Boys edged out two of our other favorites, In-N-Out Burger, and  Daniels Restaurant (who won the Best Burger in Laughlin contest earlier in the year).  We even enjoyed it more than some of the higher priced burgers we like, such as the ones at Bumbleberry Flats.

The burgers are cooked to order and available with multiple choices of toppings, sauces.  This is in a true "have it your way" style.

Burger Boys Menu as of mid June 2015 

We only sampled the beef burgers, though we hear the salmon and turkey ones are delicious.  The burgers were cooked perfectly and seasoned well with a charred just off the grill taste.   You can add extra meat for a double, triple, anything you want.  No bun options, wrapped in lettuce are also available.  Just ask for what you want.

The fries, sweet potato fries, and zucchini sticks are very good, and a nice size portion at a good price.   They are cooked when you order so nothing is sitting under a heat lamp.

The Service

Remember--everything is made after you order it so it does take a little bit longer than your typical fast food or food court order--but well worth it.

On our first visit we almost got discouraged and left.  Two employees were busy talking and didn't even look up at us when we went up to read the menu and then order.  We felt like we were interrupting them.  There was no friendliness at all and more personal chit-chat during the cooking and preparation, so it slowed them down even more.   Luckily the burgers were really good or we may thought twice about visiting again.

On our second visit the service was outstanding and friendly.  It was a complete opposite of the first time and different staff.  Again it took a long time to get the order. But was worth the wait.

*Buzz Burger 

The Buzz BurgerAKA...the Sweet and sassy.
 Turkey burger with Teriyaki, Pineapple and Siracha.
Ask for it by name, it is on the "secret menu" of sorts.  
Substitutions are always welcome, for anything on the burgers, 
even the choice of the type of meat. 

 Other burgers you can request: 

Twisted Fish. Salmon burger with coconut lime slaw and a crunchy onion ring.

Bright side of life. Beef with cheddar and chili and a sunny side up egg

Hours are currently 10am to 8pm every day.  If you are looking for a burger, give Burger Boys a try.

Be sure to come back and leave us a comment or visit our Facebook Page and tell us what you thought.



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