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Jun 23, 2015

Why Take Out is the only Option at Capriotti's Laughlin

Laughlin, NV
Edgewater Casino


The Mess

We have always loved the subs and sandwiches at Capriotti's in Laughlin at the EdgeWATER Casino but over the last several visits the dining area is ALWAYS a mess.   This last time over half of the tables were open but  were dirty or with spills, food on them.  Luckily we were getting take out anyway.  Still it was unsettling had we wanted to eat there and thinking about if the state of the dining area reflects what might be behind the scenes too.  This wasn't just this one visit (see some of the pictures below). There seems to have been some slippage in the last few months.   

The Food

As usual the sandwiches were great, fresh, a bit higher priced than Subway or similar, but worth it.  The Bobbie was once again the best, with the Homemade Meatball sub a close second.  The Italian Chopped Salad was also very good.    

Capriotti's was also named the winner of the "Best Of Laughlin" award for Best Sub/Sandwich.

It's too bad the mess left a slight bad taste in our mouth.  Managers and staff need to take a little pride in the appearance and cleanliness. 

We did check the health inspection site and found they had received an "A" grade, albeit with 9 demerits on 2-27-15.    A is the top grade given by the Southern Nevada Health District.  
Graphic below (from their website):

Our recommendation:   If you want a great sub or sandwich get it to go. 

Perhaps in the near future they will clean up their act in the dining area. 

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