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Dec 18, 2016

Candy Cane Lane at Pioneer Casino

Laughlin, NV
Pioneer Casino - Riverwalk 
For the last several years the Pioneer Casino has set up a nice Christmas decoration of Candy Canes on their section of the Riverwalk.   This is located right underneath the tall neon Cowboy (River Rick) sign.  Sadly, this year River Rick and the huge sign below him was not lit up.


 Unfortunately, without the orange glow from the sign above Candy Cane Lane it does not look as nice as it did other years.

What is with the unlit sign and River Rick?

Pictures below from the 2014 version of Candy Cane Lane.   
2014 Candy Cane Lane Picture with the glow from the lights above 

2014 Candy cane Lane Picture with the glow from the lights above

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