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Dec 4, 2016

Laughlin Buzz Water Station - Run Laughlin Half Marathon

Laughlin, NV  

Run Laughlin Half Marathon & 5K - Laughlin Buzz Water Station 1 

We had 15 volunteers come out and help at the  Laughlin Buzz Water Station 1

The temperature was hovering around 50 degrees but the winds were 25+ mph with even higher gusts 
as we headed out to Water Station 1 around 6:30am.  

The group had a Holiday theme with beads, jingle bells, mini-cowbells, air horns, and hats.  With the winds, even more importantly everyone had warm winter-type clothing, gloves and plenty of enthusiasm!

Even the sign took some wind despite two sand bags holding it in place. 
Water Station 1 was the first station on the Half Marathon route, located about two and a half miles form the starting line.  The team divided into groups, some handing out cups of water and Powerade, others filling the cups, picking up discarded cups, and cheering on the runners. 

One of our volunteers did a simulation run before the runners arrived 

The first runner arrived and didn't even slow down.  In fact, the first few dedicated ones in the lead just ran by at a near sprint.  

It wasn't too long afterward that the runners started coming in a steady stream.  

There were so many that toward the end we even ran out of cups and had to hand out full bottles of water or Powerade. 

In total, between the Half Marathon and 5K there were 866 participants in the Run Laughlin event. 

Group pictures of Water Station 1 Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who helped out and helped show support for the race and all the runners!

In spite of the cold, it was fun and everyone had a great time.

Hopefully, we will see all our volunteers and even more people back to help again next year.  

More pictures from the finish line and after party at the Edgewater Casino parking lot. 

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