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Dec 6, 2016

Pint's Brewery & Sports Bar

Laughlin, NV
Pint's Brewery & Sports Bar 
Come for the Micro-Brews, maybe stay for the game and  Appetizers

One of our favorite places in the Colorado Belle is Pint's Brewery & Sports Bar.  This is in spite of the feeling that we are "rolling the dice" as to whether the service will be good or bad on any given visit, 
Pint's is usually always good for a beer and a few appetizers.  Usually is the key word, at least for the appetizers this time. 
Decor is Boiler Room since that is what Pint's was called previously

The menu is okay but needs some freshening...just our opinion!

The Regular Five Micro-Brews.  In addition there are usually others also available. 

Our small group ordered some drinks, some appetizers (to share), and a couple burgers.  The burgers were good as always.  Pint's has the option to build your own burger by filling out a form on the table, or choose from those on the menu.  

Chicken Wings and Potato Skins 

Surprisingly, two of the appetizers disappointed this time.  

The Buffalo Chicken Wings are usually really good.  This time they were under cooked, almost to to the point of needing to go back.  No one should eat pink chicken.  One of the wings was not cut and the two parts (the drummie and the regular piece) were still fused together.  

The loaded potato skins were also lacking flavor.  They also served 5 halves, not 6, which prompted someone to ask what they did with the other half of potato.  A couple of the halves were also obviously from "baby" potatoes, they were that small.  For $8.99 not a very good deal.   

Maybe today was an off night for whoever was in the kitchen.  Usually these two appetizers are consistently good.  

After the meal we were thinking perhaps we should of tried a Pizza

22 oz.   $6 
The micro brews were excellent as always.   $6 for a 22oz. and $4.75 for a Pint.  
The Kegs

We have to mention the celery stick and carrot stick shortage and rationing that Pint's has had for as long as we can remember.   No matter how many wings you order you get one of each.   This is kind of hard to make them shareable.   Seriously, would it hurt to add a couple more of each one.  Especially when a dozen wings is $13.99?

One Carrot, One Celery Per Order Only

The Service?   We loved that this time the service was fast and very good.  Very unlike some of our other visits.  Hopefully they keep it up!

We still love the place and will return.  If you have visited Pint's recently and would like to share a review, rant or rave about it, comment below or come join the Laughlin Buzz FB group and share it with us.  

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