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Mar 23, 2013

Car Fire and a Hero at the Aquarius Resort Casino

Car Fire at the Aquarius Resort Casino - Update and Pictures

The car in the pictures below caught on fire and burned just in front of the Aquarius Resort Casino on Friday, March 15th.  The couple driving it were blessed that Russell Christopher was nearby and helped save their lives in an unthinkable situation that could of turned into a horrible tragedy.   

We just wanted to share our acknowledgement and say thank you to Russell for his quick action, unselfishness, risking his own life and in effect being a true hero.

Photos were taken and uploaded by Russell Christopher on Facebook   

Russell posted:                         

Russell posted:

Russell posted:

Safe and unscathed after escaping the car

We had walked by awhile after the fire had been put out.

Our original post with a few pictures we took can be viewed here.

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